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    Comparation of bacteriostasis efficacy of BioPure MTAD and several other irrigant
    YU Xin1, HUANG Yun-xia2, HU Ning1, SU Qin3
    Inter J Stomatol. 2009, 36 (2):  127-127~129. 
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    Objective To compare the bacteriostasis efficacy of different irrigant to several common strain in root canal by slip diffusion method. Methods Bacterium suspension was spreaded on solid medium. Asepsis filter paper slips that contain 0.005 mL different irrigant or distilled water were placed. Specimens were cultured to determine the size of bacteriostasis -collares. Results BioPure MTAD and 1.3% sodium hypochlorite showed the maximum and minimum of bacteriostasis-collare on all strains, respectively(P<0.05). Conclusion The excellent bacteriostasis efficacy of BioPure MTAD to experiment strain was showed by slip diffusion method.
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    Changes of tumor necrosis factor-α levels in serum after surgical periodontal th
    NING Yang, FU Yun, CHEN Lin
    Inter J Stomatol. 2009, 36 (2):  130-130~132. 
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    Objective To establish whether serum levels of tumor necrosis factor(TNF)-α could be modified by surgical periodontal treatment. Methods 35 moderate to severe chronic periodontitis patients who had undergone basic periodontal treatment were chosen. They were randomly divided into two groups. Periodontal surgery was performed in the experimental group while supportive periodontal therapy was administered in the control group. Clinical parameters including probing depth(PD), plaque index(PLI) and circulating serum TNF-α levels were assessed at baseline and 16 weeks following treatment in both groups. Results PD, PLI and the levels of TNF-α all have statistically significant reduction in the experimental group compared with the control group(Р <0.05). Conclusion Surgical periodontal therapy can reduce the TNF-α levels in serum and the periodontal clinical indices.
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    Clinical study on treating serious periodontal disease by two sorts of therapy in
    GUI He-ming, DU Li-juan, WANG Wei-wei, LEI Gong-yuan, LAN Qian, HUANG Jie-ying
    Inter J Stomatol. 2009, 36 (2):  133-133~136. 
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    Objective To observe clinical effects of treating severe periodontal disease by flap curettaging plus implanting biological artificial material(BAM) artificial bone and flap curettage in two years. Methods 89 teeth with severe periodontal disease from 62 patients were divided into two groups. Group A was treated with flap curettage plus implanting BAM artificial bone into periodontal bone defective area. Group B was treated by flap curettage only. Clinical effects of all teeth in two groups were observed through examining periodontal indexes and taking X-ray after treated for 1 and 2 years. Results Partial periodontal indexes of all treated teeth in two groups had been improved after treated in 6 months. Clinical effects of group A are better than group B after treated for 2 years. Conclusion Clinical effects of treating severe periodontal disease by flap curettage plus planting BAM artificial bone into periodontal bone detective areas are superior than periodontal flap curettage only according to our clinical study.
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    The short-term effect of mineral trioxide aggregate in one -visit apexification t
    YAO Lin -jie, WANG Zi, SONG Guang-tai
    Inter J Stomatol. 2009, 36 (2):  137-137~139. 
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    Objective To evaluate the outcome of one-visit apexification using mineral trioxide aggregate(MTA)in young permanent teeth. Methods Thirteen young permanent teeth with open apices on ten patients referred to our hospital for root canal treatment received an apexification procedure with MTA, and the remainder of the canals was filled with gutta-flow. Patients were recalled at every 3 months. Results All the patients had no complaint after treatment, and the periapical lesions were healed or gradually healed 6 months later. Conclusion The short-term effect of MTA in one-visit apexification treatment are good.
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    The establishment of graded standard of mice dental fluorosis
    HOU Tie-zhou1, GUO Hai-yan1, TAO Hong2, WANG Lin1, WANG Shuai -shuai1
    Inter J Stomatol. 2009, 36 (2):  140-140~143. 
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    Objective To establish a graded standard of mice dental fluorosis. Methods 48 ICR mice were randomly divided into four groups and fed with double-distilled water containing 0, 55, 110 and 220 mg/L of sodium fluoride respectively for 42 days. The changes of the mandibular incisor enamel were recorded by digital
    camera everyday. The tooth mineralization was observed with a polarized light microscope. Results The fluorosed teeth enamel experienced changes in different degrees, such as transparency decline, white fine lines, scattered
    white spots or patches, white streaks, surface defects and so on. Different fuscescent pero-mineralization of low density could be discovered from adamatine layer in experiment groups by polarized light microscope. The changes of dental fluorosis are divided into 11 degrees. Conclusion The 11-degree graded standard of mice dental fluorosis was established.
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    Palatal contour changes of posterior crossbite young adults after rapid maxillary
    KOU Bo1, LI Ai-qun1, WANG Chun-ling2, ZHENG Xiao -zhong3, TANG Wei3
    Inter J Stomatol. 2009, 36 (2):  144-144~147. 
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    Objective To evaluate the palatal contour changes in young adults with posterior crossbite after rapid maxillary expansion. Methods The observation group included 15 young adult rapid maxillary expansion (YA-RME) subjects, while the control group included 22 YA-RME subjects in mixed dentine.. Measurements of palatal contour were all taken at the pre-treatment time(T1) and post-treatment(T2), which were derived by the use of 3-dimension laser scanning technology(3-DLST). SPSS 11.0 software was used to determine if there were significant differences between 2 time periods and between 2 groups. Results 1)There was no significant difference between YA-RME group and control group in the increase of palatal width at gingival height and at midpalate(P>0.05), but significant difference in palatal width difference(P<0.05). 2)There were significant differences both in molar angle decrease and palatal vault angle increase(P<0.05). Conclusion YA-RME is a clinically effective method to expend maxillary dental arch and correct posterior crossbite.
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    Clinical analysis of 25 patients with glossal adenoid cystic carcinoma
    ZHANG Mei1, XU Zhong-fa1, TAO Yang1, PAN Yi2, YU Yang3, ZHAO Wen-chuan3
    Inter J Stomatol. 2009, 36 (2):  148-148~151. 
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    Objective To assess the clinical features and the treatment results of glossal adenoid cystic carcinoma(ACC). Methods A retrospective analysis was performed on 25 patients with ACC of the tongue by their clinical manifestation, the therapy and follow-up information. Results There were 20 patients of operation, and 5 patients refused it and lost of following-up. The patients of operation were followed up from 2 to 24 years. The overall 3, 5, 10 and 15-year survival rate of patients was 78.95%, 58.82%, 28.57%, 10.00%, respectively. Conclusion Glossal ACC, especially the body of tongue, is not easy to exact diagnosis in early stage. It progresses slowly and also has the tendency of recurrence and cancerous metastasis. Thus it is necessary to do thorough surgery.
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    Corrosion resistance of Ni-Cr and Ni-Cr-Ti alloy in artificial saliva

    SUN Ping, FENG Jian-ying, LU Ying, CHEN Song
    Inter J Stomatol. 2009, 36 (2):  152-152~155. 
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    Objective To evaluate the corrosion resistance of two kinds of Ni-Cr alloy and Neotitan Ni-Cr-Ti alloy. Methods Electrochemical methods were used to measure the self-corrosion current density(Icorr ) , polarization resistance(Rp) and self -corrosion potential(Ecorr ) of three alloys. And the polarization curves of the three alloys were recorded at the same time. Field scanning electron microscope(FSEM) was used to observe the corrosion in the surface of the three alloys. One-way ANOVA with SPSS 11.0 software package was used for statistical analysis. Results The Icorr of Bellabond Ni-Cr alloy was lower than that of Neotitan Ni -Cr-Ti alloy(P<0.05)and Yuehai Ni-Cr alloy(P>0.05). The Icorr of Yuehai Ni-Cr alloy was lower than that of Neotitan Ni-Cr-Ti alloy
    (P>0.05). The Rp of Bellabond Ni-Cr alloy was higher than that of Yuehai Ni-Cr alloy(P<0.05) and Neotitan Ni-Cr-Ti alloy(P<0.05). The Rp of Yuehai Ni-Cr alloy was higher than that of Neotitan Ni-Cr-Ti alloy(P>0.05). The Ecorr of Bellabond Ni-Cr alloy was lower than that of Yuehai Ni-Cr alloy(P>0.05) and Neotitan Ni-Cr-Ti alloy(P>0.05). The Ecorr of Neotitan Ni-Cr-Ti alloy was higher than that of Yuehai Ni-Cr alloy(P>0.05). FSEM showed that the corrosion in the surface of Bellabond Ni-Cr alloy was slighter than that of Yuehai Ni-Cr alloy
    and Neotitan Ni-Cr-Ti alloy. Conclusion The corrosion resistance of Bellabond Ni-Cr alloy is better than that of Yuehai Ni-Cr and Neotitan Ni-Cr-Ti alloy. The corrosion resistance of Neotitan Ni-Cr-Ti alloy had no difference compared with that of Yuehai Ni-Cr alloy.
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    Preparation and determination of antibacterial activity of dental antibacterial z
    ZHANG Lin-qi1, LIANG Lan-ping1, LIU Shuang-yun1, YANG Ju-cai2
    Inter J Stomatol. 2009, 36 (2):  156-156~158. 
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    Objective To prepare and explore the antibacterial activity of dental antibacterial zinc phosphate cement(ZPC). Methods Silver base inorganic antibacterial agent(Conval PAg-40) was mixed into ZPC powder with mortar. To verify the process technique, the structure of antibacterial ZPC was observed grossly and scanned by electronic microscopy, and was compared with the common ZPC. Then inoculate quantitative oral pathogens (Streptococcus mutants, Saccharomyces albicans, Porphyromonas gingivalis) on zinc phosphate cement. Viable count in the samples was detected after cultured for a certain time and the antibacterial rate was figured out. Results There was little difference between the antibacterial ZPC and the common ZPC. When observed by a scanning electronic microscope, Conval PAg-40 were well dispersed in ZPC and there were few air bubbles and crannies in the structure. Antibacterial ZPC had antibacterial effect to the pathogens and the antibacterial effects had significant difference. Conclusion There is little influence on surface structure of the ZPC. The ZPC which added silver based inorganic antibacterial agents has determinate antibacterial activity.
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    A case report of mezlocillin sodium-induced multiple oral mucosal bloody bullae
    MEI Guo-cheng, LI Min, ZHOU Hong-mei, ZENG Xin, HOU Xiao-hui, LIN Mei
    Inter J Stomatol. 2009, 36 (2):  159-159~161. 
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    This article reported a case of a 62-year old female patient of pneumonia whose emptysis appeared just three days after using mezlocillin, and afterwards mutiple oral bloody bullae were visible. The final clinical diagnosis defined that it was drug -induced thrombocytopenia(associated with mezlocillin), and the patient was well -cured and left hospital two weeks after treated with glucocorticoid and blood component transfusion. This article discussed how drug-induced thrombocytopenia was diagnosed, what drugs likely inducing thrombocytopenia were and how diseases resulting in oral bloody bullae were distinguished.
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    Research progress of pathogenicity islands of Porphyromonas gingivalis
    LIU Jing-bo, PAN Ya-ping
    Inter J Stomatol. 2009, 36 (2):  162-162~164. 
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    Porphyromonas gingivalis is regarded as one of major putative periodontopathic bacteria in the bacterial etiology study, which plays a significant role in the generation and development of periodontitis. Pathogenicity islands are foreign DNA taken up via horizontal gene transfering by pathogenic microorganism, which are closely related to the bacterial virulence. In this paper, research progress on pathogenicity islands of Porphyromonas gingivalis was reviewed.
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    Research progress of mutacins regulated by quorum sensing in Streptococcus mu
    WANG Wei -lu, LING Jun-qi
    Inter J Stomatol. 2009, 36 (2):  165-165~167. 
    Abstract ( 1506 )   HTML ( 10 )   PDF(pc) (121KB) ( 1419 )   Save
    Quorum sensing is a process of cell-to-cell communication in Streptococcus mutans which secretes a special signal molecule-competence stimulating peptide(CSP), then to induce and to activate the expression of related genes. Mutacin is antimicrobial substance produced by Streptococcus mutans, which coordinates biological behavior of related bacteria. However, quorum sensing can regulate mutacin to communicate with oral bacteria and regulate the stability of biofilm. This review summarized the reserch progress of mutacins regulated by quorum sensing in Streptococcus mutans in recent years.
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    Research progress in biological property of Streptococcus mutans glucan binding p
    CHEN Xiaoying, ZHAO Wei
    Inter J Stomatol. 2009, 36 (2):  168-168~170. 
    Abstract ( 1654 )   HTML ( 5 )   PDF(pc) (112KB) ( 998 )   Save
    Streptococcus mutans has been implicated as a primary pathogenic agent of dental caries in human. Glucan binding proteins are thought as one of the significant causative agents. Glucan binding protein B plays an important role in cariogenic trait of Streptococcus mutans. It is also involved in cell shape and cell function of Streptococcus mutans. On the other hand, immunologic property of its amino terminus makes it possible to be used in immunization against dental caries. This review paid attention to the research progress of the biological
    property of glucan binding protein B.
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    Comparison of characteristics about oral pathogenic bacteria in biofilm and plank
    vZHANG Yao-chao, YU Dan-ni
    Inter J Stomatol. 2009, 36 (2):  171-171~173,176. 
    Abstract ( 1429 )   HTML ( 7 )   PDF(pc) (130KB) ( 689 )   Save
    There is a great deal of natural bacteria in the human oral cavity. Dental plaque biofilm is a major exsiting form of bacteria. Plaque biofilm, which is the primary etiological agent in dental caries and periodontitis, has many metabolic and physiological characteristics obviously differing from the state of the planktonic bacteria. This article introduced the characteristics about several major oral pathogenic bacteria in biofilm and planktonic condition such as susceptibility to antimicrobial agents, gene expression, signal conduction and acid tolerance and
    so on.
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    The relationship between the nanobacteria in the oral ecotope and oral disease
    HUANG Xiao-qing, CHEN Wen -xia
    Inter J Stomatol. 2009, 36 (2):  174-174~176. 
    Abstract ( 1411 )   HTML ( 5 )   PDF(pc) (106KB) ( 634 )   Save
    Nanobacteria, much smaller than other common bacteria, can create an adamant shell. It participates the formation of the calculus and is relevant to many kinds of disease. With its bionomics revealed consecutively, nanobacteria has become a hot spot of research. In the ecological environment of the oral cavity, There is a great deal of nanobacteria everywhere, such as in saliva, on the surface of the teeth, in dental plaque, in calculus dentalis, in pulp stone and so on. This text is written after reviewing a great quantity of literature. The relationship between the nanobacteria and other disease was raviewed.
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    Research progress on relationship of Synergistes and oral diseases
    XING Tian, MEI Ling -xuan, LI Song
    Inter J Stomatol. 2009, 36 (2):  177-177~179. 
    Abstract ( 1532 )   HTML ( 7 )   PDF(pc) (111KB) ( 604 )   Save
    Recently, the new bacterium genus Synergistes has been found to distribut in nature widely. However, it is uncluturable for most subseries and only covers a minor portion of the bacteria series in each habitat, with special physiological and biochemical characteristics and capability of adapting to enviroment, particularlly in the oral cavity. Being found high prevalence in periodontal, endodontic infection, it is suspected as one of the pathogens of oral diseases. This article reviewed the lastest researches on the relationship of the division Synergistes and oral diseases.
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    Research progress of salivary agglutinin
    ZHANG Lan, HUANG Ding-ming, ZHOU Xue-dong
    Inter J Stomatol. 2009, 36 (2):  180-180~182. 
    Abstract ( 1364 )   HTML ( 7 )   PDF(pc) (111KB) ( 1447 )   Save
    Salivary agglutinin(SAG) is a kind of glycoprotein that can mediate bacterial aggregation or adhesion. More and more researches have focused on the interaction between SAG and bacteria recently. This review summarized
    the research progress in thve biochemical characteristics of SAG and its pivotal role in the bacterial aggregation and adhesion.
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    The application of revascularization in endodontics
    ZHONG Xiao-yi, CHEN Wen-xia
    Inter J Stomatol. 2009, 36 (2):  183-183~185. 
    Abstract ( 1425 )   HTML ( 10 )   PDF(pc) (100KB) ( 1214 )   Save
    At the end of the 1980s, tissue engineering has been the hotspots in the field of stomatology, with the life sciences, materials science and related disciplines in the physical chemistry developing. And the regenerative endodontics was to emerge. The purpose of this review was to summarize the angiogenesis model and the application of the revascularization in the related diseases, as well as to focus on the application in the endodontics.
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    Research proggress of the association between periodontitis and coronary heart di
    ZHOU Na, CHEN Hui
    Inter J Stomatol. 2009, 36 (2):  186-186~189. 
    Abstract ( 1533 )   HTML ( 4 )   PDF(pc) (135KB) ( 913 )   Save
    Many studies have found that an association exists between periodontitis and coronary heart disease. The potential mechanism linking periodontitis and coronary heart disease might be that the oral microbes directly trigger atherosclerotic development or indirectly influent the risk factors of coronary heart disease. The findings of epidemiological investigation on the association between periodontitis and cardiovascular disease, the potential biological
    mechanism, and the recommending periodontal treatment for the prevention of coronary heart disease were discussed.
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    Research progress of the mechanisms for physiologic root resorption in primary te
    WANG Nan, HOU Ai-bing
    Inter J Stomatol. 2009, 36 (2):  190-190~193. 
    Abstract ( 1653 )   HTML ( 8 )   PDF(pc) (136KB) ( 845 )   Save
    Root resorption is a physiologic event for the primary teeth, involving the tissue change of alveolar bone and dentin, the cellular change of osteoclasts and odontoclasts, also kinds of cytokines. The stellate reticulum and the dental follicle of the underlying permanent tooth seems to be important for the deciduous root resorption. However, primary teeth without a permanent successor eventually exfoliates as well. Our current understanding on the underlying mechanisms is slim. This article summarizd the research progress on the mechanisms of physiologic root resorption in primary teeth.
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    Advancement of etiology about bruxism
    YAN Ying, LING Jun-qi
    Inter J Stomatol. 2009, 36 (2):  194-194~196. 
    Abstract ( 1187 )   HTML ( 12 )   PDF(pc) (102KB) ( 610 )   Save
    Bruxism is a common oral parafunctional activity. It is generally defined as the activity of grinding or gnashing of the teeth at times other than during the mastication. The purpose of this article was to provide additional data relative to the study methods of bruxism, such as electroencephalogram, electromyogram, occlusal factors, craniomaxillofacial morphology and psychosocial factors.
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    Association between periodontal disease and Th1/Th2
    WU Ting, SUN Qin -feng, YANG Pi -shan
    Inter J Stomatol. 2009, 36 (2):  197-197~200. 
    Abstract ( 1445 )   HTML ( 4 )   PDF(pc) (147KB) ( 610 )   Save
    CD4+ T cell is a T cell with the immune activity, playing an important role in the immune modulation of human bodies. According to the different cytokines secreted by them, T helper cells can be divided into two subgroups named Thl and Th2, and they participate in the modulation of cell mediated and humoral immune response respectively. In a normal immune response, Th1/Th2 are in a dynamic balance. Periodontal destruction depends on the balance of Th1 and Th2 in the local periodontal environment. Any shift in the balance between a
    protective T helper type 2-dominant response and a destructive T helper type 1-dominant response is a risk factor for periodontal disease initiation and progression.
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    Porphyromonas gingivalis and atherosclerosis
    WU Juan, SUN Wei-bin
    Inter J Stomatol. 2009, 36 (2):  201-201~204. 
    Abstract ( 1439 )   HTML ( 4 )   PDF(pc) (139KB) ( 755 )   Save
    Links between periodontal diseases and atherosclerosis have been well documented by epidemiological studies. Recently, research has shifted to elucidating the biologic mechanism for a causal relationship. However, it
    is still not clear whether periodontopathic pathogens, such as Porphyromonas gingivalisP.gingivalis), are truly etiologic agents or ubiquitous bystanders. This article reviewed the current understanding about the biological interactions
    between P.gingivalis and atherosclerosis and the biological plausibility of periodontitis as a potential risk factor for cardiovascular disease.
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    Research advances on periodontal epithelial rest
    XI Qiao-ling, CHEN Zhi, ZHANG Lu
    Inter J Stomatol. 2009, 36 (2):  205-205~207,210. 
    Abstract ( 1477 )   HTML ( 5 )   PDF(pc) (131KB) ( 750 )   Save
    The cells of periodontal epithelial rest are the only odontogenic epithelial cells presenting in periodontal ligament, but the exact function of periodontal epithelial rest is still unknown. It has been speculated that they have no physiological significance but only a pathological role in periodontal ligament. However, more recent investigations have shown that periodontal epithelial rest has been involved in the maintenance of the periodontal ligament space and cementum formation. The following discussion of embryological origins, morphological characteristics, protein expression and possible roles of periodontal epithelial rest was presented in this review.
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    Role of desmosome in tumor invasion and metas
    ZHANG Yi,LI Long-jiang
    Inter J Stomatol. 2009, 36 (2):  208-208~210. 
    Abstract ( 1748 )   HTML ( 5 )   PDF(pc) (102KB) ( 523 )   Save
    Desmosomes are intercellular junctions that connect intermediate filaments to the cell surface and mediate strong cell -cell adhesion. Desmosomes are composed largely of proteins from three major gene families: desmosomal cadherins, armadillo family proteins and the plakin family of cytolinkers. The cadherins are a superfamily of adhesion molecules that function in cell recognition, tissue morphogenesis, and tumor suppression. Cadherins are important modulators of tumor invasion and metastasize.
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    Research advances of dentin matrix protein-1
    ZHANG Jie -hua, WAN Qian -bing

    Inter J Stomatol. 2009, 36 (2):  211-211~214. 
    Abstract ( 1425 )   HTML ( 6 )   PDF(pc) (141KB) ( 1047 )   Save
    Dentin matrix protein-1 is an essential non-collagenous protein in dentinogenesis. It is believed to play a crucial role in the formation and mineralization of dentin, although the mechanism requires further study.
    The expression orientation, gene structure, biological function and regulation of dentin matrix protein-1 in dentin and bone was reviewed in this paper.
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    Research actuality of the dentinogenesis imperfecta type Ⅱ
    DING Nong-le1, YANG Zheng2, LIU Min1, YANG Si-wei2
    Inter J Stomatol. 2009, 36 (2):  215-215~217. 
    Abstract ( 1688 )   HTML ( 7 )   PDF(pc) (106KB) ( 1107 )   Save
    Dentinogenesis imperfecta type Ⅱ(DGI-Ⅱ)is an autosomal dominant inherited disease. A pathogenesis gene has been located on human chromosome 4q21. At present, the mutations of dentin sialophosphoprotein are one of the reasons of DGI-Ⅱ. This review presented the researches on genetic investigation, inheritance, microscopic anatomy, clinical solutions of dentinogenesis imperfecta type Ⅱ.
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    Clinical and epidemiological study of alcohol and oral cancer
    SUN Yu-juan, SUN Zheng
    Inter J Stomatol. 2009, 36 (2):  218-218~220. 
    Abstract ( 1365 )   HTML ( 9 )   PDF(pc) (105KB) ( 646 )   Save
    Oral cancer is one of the most common cancers in human beings, with two-thirds of the cases occurring in the developing countries. Developments in the treatment have made great progress, but the relatively survival rate of oral cancer patients is low, and the 5 years survival rate is less than 50%. Studying the risk factors of oral cancer is very important, and the risk factors must be found for primary prevention to decrease the incidence of oral cancer. Alcohol is one of the main risk factors for oral cancer, and some epidemiological studies
    have provided evidence that alcohol can induce cancer in human beings, but alcohol has not been confirmed to induce cancer in experimental animals. The research should include consumption of alcohol, type of alcoholic beverage, drinking habits, the effects in both sexes and the synergic interaction between alcohol and tobacco. Drinking and smoking is strongly associated with an increased risk of oral cancer, and the carcinogenic role which alcohol plays is difficult to assess because its consumption is usually combined with tobacco used, but cessation of alcohol and tobacco is the key element of the effective preventing measures against oral cancer.
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    The relationship between hedgehog signaling pathway and osteogenesis
    GUAN Cheng-chao, JIANG Xin-quan, ZHANG Fu-qiang
    Inter J Stomatol. 2009, 36 (2):  221-221~223. 
    Abstract ( 1833 )   HTML ( 8 )   PDF(pc) (103KB) ( 1604 )   Save
    Hedgehog signaling pathway is an important signal pathway, which regulates the development of variety of tissues and organs in the embryonic stage. It also plays an important role in osteogenesis. This review discussed the relationship between the hedgehog signaling pathway and osteogenesis in several aspects, including the relationship between the hedgehog and osteochondral cell, the effect of hedgehog on bone development and the role
    of hedgehog in osteogenesis with gene therapy techniques.
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    The relationship between growth differentiation factor-15 and neoplasms
    ZHANG Lei, ZHONG Lai-ping, ZHANG Zhi-yuan
    Inter J Stomatol. 2009, 36 (2):  224-224~226,230. 
    Abstract ( 1313 )   HTML ( 4 )   PDF(pc) (141KB) ( 1442 )   Save
    Growth differentiation factor-15(GDF-15) is a member of the transforming growth factor-β(TGF-β)superfamily, involved in the physiological or pathological progression of tissue differentiation, inflammation, trauma
    and neoplasms. This article reviewed the structure of GDF-15, the relationship between GDF-15 expression and neoplasms development and progression, and the regulation of GDF-15 expression.
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    Muscle segment homeobox gene-1 and non-syndromic hypodontia
    FANG Jing-xian, SONG Guang-tai,YE Xiao-qian
    Inter J Stomatol. 2009, 36 (2):  227-227~230. 
    Abstract ( 1496 )   HTML ( 4 )   PDF(pc) (143KB) ( 518 )   Save
    Tooth agenesis is the most common craniofacial malformation. Its prevalence in permanent dentition reaches 20% and its expressivity ranges from only one tooth, usually a third molar, to the whole dentition. Genetic linkage and molecular biology studies have allowed, in the last decade, the identification of mutations responsible for some patterns of syndromic and non-syndromic tooth agenesis. The molecular basis of the defect is not completely understood, despite identification of several mutations in muscle segment homeobox gene(msx)-1 and pax-9 genes that seem to be crucial for tooth agenesis, and mutations in the axin-2 gene that cause oligodontia together with a predisposition to colorectal cancer. The main purpose of this article was to summarize the clinical cases and laboratory tests of mutated msx-1 to find out its relationship with the non-syndromic congenital absent teeth, and to provide a reference for the future research of hypodontia.
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    Function of related growth factors in the neovascularizational mechanism of pedic
    ZHANG Fu-gui, LI Quan, TANG Xiu-fa
    Inter J Stomatol. 2009, 36 (2):  231-231~234. 
    Abstract ( 1650 )   HTML ( 4 )   PDF(pc) (137KB) ( 785 )   Save
    Two mechanisms, vasculogenesis and angiogenesis, can elucidate the neovascularization of pedicle flaps, in which angiogenesis contains endothelial sprouting, intussusceptive angiogenesis and revascularization. Some critical growth factors, such as vascular endothelial growth factor, basic fibroblast growth factor, platelet-derived growth factor, play important roles in the neovascularizational mechanism of pedicle flaps. The roles mainly involve
    formation of matrix, activation of endothelial cell, proliferation of endothelial cell, recruitment of pericyte and vascular smooth muscle cell, and formation of capillary network.
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    Research Progress of undifferentiated proliferation of mesenchymal stem cells
    SUN Lei, ZHU Hui-yong
    Inter J Stomatol. 2009, 36 (2):  235-235~238. 
    Abstract ( 1519 )   HTML ( 4 )   PDF(pc) (141KB) ( 870 )   Save
    Mesenchymal stem cells are multipotent stem cells, and their multilineage potential holds extensive promise for clinical application. Undifferentiated proliferation means proliferation while maintaining multilineage potential. Nowadays, loss of proliferation potential and multineage potential is still a problem for mesenchymal stem cells while proliferating. Recent studies are focused on human blood serum, growth factor, extracellular matrix medium, bioreactor, traditional Chinese medicine, and so on. This paper reviewed the study progression of undifferentiated proliferation of mesenchymal stem cell from following aspects of significance, puzzlements and methods of undifferentiated proliferation of mesenchymal stem cell.
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    Research advance of posttraumatic temporomandibular joint ankylosis and intracaps
    ZHANG Ri-gui, XU Bing
    Inter J Stomatol. 2009, 36 (2):  239-239~242. 
    Abstract ( 1697 )   HTML ( 4 )   PDF(pc) (136KB) ( 646 )   Save

    Temporomandibular joint ankylosis(TMJA) is a kind of common diseases in oral and maxillofacial surgery, and it seriously damages patient′s figure and function. Trauma is the main cause. However, until now, the exact mechanism of posttraumatic TMJA formation and etiologic factors are still unknown. The close relationship between intracapsular condylar fractures and posttraumatic TMJA has been showed in lots of articles. Posttraumatic TMJA mostly happens when seriously displaced fractures have occured together with damaged articular facet, increasing of mandible width and mandibular hypomobility. This review highlighted the recent advances in the epidemiology, intracapsular condylar fracture′s biological mechanics and classification, animal experiment and clinical

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    Clinical and genetic features of ectrodactyly, ectodermal dysplasia and clefting
    YIN Wei, YE Xiao-qian, BIAN Zhuan
    Inter J Stomatol. 2009, 36 (2):  243-243~246. 
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    Ectrodactyly, ectodermal dysplasia and clefting(EEC) syndrome is characterized by split hand-split foot malformation, congenital ectodermal dysplasia and cleft lip with or without cleft palate. The etiology of it is
    still obscure, but one causative gene has been cloned. So far, three suspicious loci and one gene has been identified. The penetrance and expressivity of this disorder has considerable difference among populations. Furthermore,
    it is difficult to diagnose as there are some EEC like syndromes. Therefore, clear elucidation of EEC syndrome′s clinical and genetic features will be helpful to make diagnosis and give a direction for proceeding research
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    Research progress of orthodontic pain factors in pulp and periodontal tissues
    LU Yun, JIAN Fan, LAI Wen-li
    Inter J Stomatol. 2009, 36 (2):  247-247~250. 
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    During the orthodontic treatment, patients frequently endure some discomfort, even pain on the sense, function and psychology. Pain is a terrible feeling, which can make one horrid, even give up orthodontic treatment. Searching for the rule of how orthodontic pain can take place and how it changes, and investigating how can relieve or prevent pain are hot spots all the time. Recent research has started revealing the molecular basis of orthodontic pain with demonstration of the presence as well as elevation in levels of various neuropeptides released. This was a review about the development of relative pain factors in pulp and periodontal tissues during or thodontic tooth movement.
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