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Effect of occlusal adjustments on the periodontal status of patients with periodontitis after orthodontic treatment

Yao Shuang, Liu Xiaojun, Zhou Zhi, Yang Shuang, Ji Juanjuan, Zhou Xin, Shen Yong.   

  1. Dept. of Orthodontics, The Second People’s Hospital of Yunnan Province, Kunming 650021, China
  • Received:2016-05-12 Online:2017-01-01 Published:2017-01-01

Abstract: Objective To observe the changes in occlusal adjustments on periodontal status of patients with periodontal disease before and after orthodontic treatment. Methods Forty-seven cases of adult orthodontic patients periodontal were selected and divided into two groups according to whether occlusal adjustment, named observation group and control group. The periodontal status of all the patients was evaluated during the first visit. After 6 and 12 months, the periodontal status of the patients was evaluated again. The changes in the periodontal status were recorded, and statistical analysis was performed. Results Periodontal probing depth(PD), clinical attachment loss(CAL), and bleeding index(BI) observed after six months of the treatment, were significantly lower than those before treatment(P<0.05). Tooth loose degrees(TM) also significantly reduced compared to that before treatment. PD and CAL changes of the group six months after treatment compared with treatment was completed, were also lower. The degree of looseness was significantly reduced. PD, BI of the group 6 months after treatment decreased than those before treatment and the control group. The tooth mobility of 6 months after treatment was significantly lower than that before treatment and just after treatment. The PD, CAL and TM of the observed group are statistically different from those in the control group. Conclusion Occlusal adjustment for the malocclusion patients with periodontitis in the cause of orthodontic therapy, which helped to remove pathological factors, eliminate occlusal trauma, and build the occlusal balance, showed effectiveness in treatment of reconstruction and repair of periodontal tissues.

Key words: occlusal adjustment, periodontitis, ortho-dontic treatment, periodontal examination

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