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Influences of immediat implant or traditional implant on postoperative pain

Meijie Wang1,Xin Tan1,Yuwei Zhao1,Haiyang Yu2()   

  1. 1.State Key Laboratory of Oral Diseases & National Clinical Research Center for Oral Diseases & Dept. of Prosthodontics, West China School of Stomatology, Sichuan University, Chengdu 610041, China
    2.State Key Laboratory of Oral Diseases & National Clinical Research Center for Oral Diseases & Dept. of Prosthodontics 2, West China Hospital of Stomatology, Sichuan University, Chengdu 610041, China
  • Received:2018-06-12 Revised:2018-12-20 Online:2019-05-01 Published:2019-06-05
  • Contact: Haiyang Yu
  • Supported by:
    This study was supported by Program of National Key Research and Development(2016YFC1102704)


Objective To compare the effect of immediate implant or traditional implant on postoperative pain. Methods Eighty patients asking for dental implant surgery in posterior teeth were included. The patients were divided into two groups by immediate implants and traditional implants. They were requested to evaluate the pain intensity using numerical rating scale for 3 days post-surgery and recorded the pain value. Results There was no significant difference in postoperative pain intensity between immediate implant group and traditional implant group, except for the pain intensity at 2 hours post-surgery (P=0.046). Conclusion Compared with traditional implant, immediate implant had no significant difference in postoperative pain intensity, but the early postoperative pain response of immediate implant was more obvious, and appropriate pain control can be given in advance.

Key words: dental implantation, postoperative pain, immediate implant, pain, implant

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Tab 1

Comparison of general data between immediate implant group and traditional implant group"

因素 即刻种植组 传统种植组 P
年龄α/岁 50.21±18.37 51.17±15.61 0.846
性别β 0.233
27(33.75%) 21(26.25%)
13(16.25%) 19(23.75%)
A-Stateαγ 36.25±11.91 28.96±15.68 0.076
A-Traitαγ 37.83±12.41 30.29±15.05 0.064
植体数量α 1.38±0.49 1.50±0.72 0.488
植体长度α/mm 11.94±1.12 10.94±1.39 0.009

Fig 1

The trend of postoperative pain following immediate implantation or traditional implantation"

Tab 2

The difference of postoperative pain between immediate implantation and traditional implantation at different time"

术后的时间/h 即刻种植 传统种植 P
0 0.79±2.45 0.29±1.43 0.392
2 4.29±2.93 2.83±2.63 0.046
4 3.13±2.11 2.54±2.23 0.357
6 1.88±1.87 1.83±1.90 0.939
24 1.63±1.38 1.54±1.44 0.839
48 0.83±1.05 0.88±1.15 0.896
72 0.54±0.78 0.33±0.64 0.316
峰值 4.71±2.96 3.71±2.48 0.210
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