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Prospects on the treatment of mandibular condylar fractures in children

Zhu Zheng, Shi Jun.   

  1. Dept. of General Dentistry, College of Stomatology, The Ninth People’s Hospital, School of Medicine, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai Key Laboratory of Stomatology, Shanghai 200011, China
  • Received:2016-01-08 Online:2017-03-01 Published:2017-03-01

Abstract: Condylar fractures, which are among the most common types of fracture, comprise 40%~67% of mandibular fractures in children. The treatment of condylar fractures in children has always been shrouded with controversy, and consensus on standard treatment of such fracture is yet to be achieved. The treatment of condylar fractures generally consists of closed and open reduction. Considering the characteristics of condylar fracture in children, the therapeutic outcome will affect the growth of the mandible and maxillofacial region. In addition, experts argue over the complications, such as bone disorders and ankylosis of temporomandibular joint, caused by treatment. This paper reviews the characteristics, classification, and development of treatment of condylar fractures in children based on published literature. This paper can be a reference to help surgeons in the clinical treatment of condylar fractures in children.

Key words: children, condylar fracture, treatment

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