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    Sophisticated approaches in shade matching and communication of individualized tooth color information
    Meng Yukun.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2012, 39 (6):  703-709. 
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    The microesthetics of teeth guide the creation of restorations with pleasing appearance that will blend in. Those aspects of single tooth such as morphology, shade, translucency, opalescence and florescence, texture and gloss, as well as tint and stain characterization are important elements. Individualized esthetic fabrication of appealing ceramic restorations can be achieved only if comprehensive and systematic color and related information were obtained clinically and precisely relayed to the dental technician, which includes the determination of the basic tooth color based on a shade guide in accordance with the porcelain system, individualization of the color and translucency of the incisal edge, precise location and recording of the surface and intrinsic color characterization. By combining information of tooth shape, texture and gloss, all the information is transmitted to the technician by means of series of digital photographs. All these techniques comprise the current mainstream in systematic acquisition and communication of individualized esthetic and chromatic information. The purpose of this article was to provide some basic knowledge on those aspects of individualized esthetic and chromatic information for achieving superior clinical results.

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    An in vitro study of remineralization potential of several toothpastes on initial enamel lesions
    Huang Yajing, Li Yueheng, Huang Rui, Qian Yingzi, Duan Yanxia, Zhou Zhi.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2012, 39 (6):  710-713.  DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5749.2012.06.002
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    Objective To assess the remineralization property of several toothpastes on initial enamel lesions. Methods Bovine enamel blocks with in vitro produced initial lesion were used. The lesions were subjected to a pH-cycling regime for 12 d, with one of five treatments: NaF(positive control) group, pro-arginine group, casein phosphorylation of protein group, toothpaste with 0.11% fluoride group and with distilled and deionized water (DDW) group for negative control. The samples were subsequently evaluated using a microhardness tester, polarised light microscopy(PLM) and confocal laser scanning microscope(CLSM). Results Surface hardness measurements revealed pro-arginine group, casein phosphorylation of protein group and NaF group had significantly greater effect on enhancing remineralization than that of toothpaste with 0.11% fluoride group(P<0.05). Detailed investigation of PLM indicated that casein phosphorylation of protein group and toothpaste with 0.11% fluoride group had limited capacity to reduce the lesion depth compared with pro-arginine group and NaF group(P<0.05). Comparing with toothpaste with 0.11% fluoride group , casein phosphorylation of protein group had a significantly greater property of limiting the lesion depth(P<0.05). The results of CLSM inferred that the reduction of fluorescent dye infiltration in toothpaste with 0.11% fluoride group and casein phosphorylation of protein group was less than pro-arginine group and NaF group. Conclusion There is a significant synergistic effect of pro-arginine treatment on promoting the remineralization of initial enamel lesion compared with the other groups.

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    Clinical research of three treatment methods of salivary gland mucocele
    Yang Keqiang1, Zhao Hongwei2, Cui Ruxiang3.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2012, 39 (6):  714-716.  DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5749.2012.06.003
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    Objective To assess the efficacy of microwaves treatment, pingyangmycin injection and resection treatment for mucocele. Methods 123 participants who were diagnosed as mucocele of the salivary gland were included and allocated to microwaves group(n=35), pingyangmycin group(n=40) and resection group(n=48) and were treated accordingly. The follow-up period was 6 months. Results All the participants were followed-up. The baseline variables differed a little. The cure rate of microwaves was 94.29%, pingyangmycin 95.00% and resection 95.83%. There was no statistical significance between three therapeutic strategies(P>0.05). Conclusion Microwaves treatment and pingyangmycin injection is reliable supplementary to resection treatment and could be considered for the pediatric patients or patients who could not recover from the surgery or do not want surgery.

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    Influence of three different surface protections on the surface hardness of glass ionomer cement
    Zhou Haiyan.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2012, 39 (6):  717-719.  DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5749.2012.06.004
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    Objective To study the influence of surface protection on the surface hardness of glass ionomer cement, discuss the most suitable surface protection material for the clinical application. Methods Three types of glass ionomer cement were selected as the research objects, namely KetacTM Molar Easymix, GC Fuji Ⅱ LC, KetacTM N100. 30 disc-shaped samples of each material were randomly divided into three groups: Control group, vaseline coated group, GLUMA Comfort Bond coated group. The surface protection materials were applied after initial setting reaction. The specimens were immersed in artificial saliva, at 37 ℃. Micro-hardness tester was used to test the micro-hardness of the samples at 1 h, 24 h, 1 week, 1 month. In each specimen five indentations were done and the average micro-hardness values were recoarded. The statistical analysis was performed using the SPSS 13.0 statistical package. The measurement data were analyzed by t test. Results It was found that, for GC Fuji Ⅱ LC, there was no statistical difference among the micro-hardness value of the samples under three different surface protection materials. While for KetacTM Molar Easymix, the micro-hardness value of the vaseline coated group was higher than that of control group at the 24 h point. The micro-hardness value of vaseline coated KetacTM N100 group was higher than that of the GLUMA Comfort Bond coated group at 24 h point. Conclusion The compact protective film formed by the adhesive resin as a protective agent on the mateial surface is not conducive to the curing action of the material, while vaseline can be used as surface protective agent to enhance the long-term hardness of the material.

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    Training and management of first-aid skills for out-patient nurse in hospital of stomatology
    Mao Xiaorong1, Zhao Forong2, Liu Manli2.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2012, 39 (6):  720-722.  DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5749.2012.06.005
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    Objective Explored the methods of training and management about first-aid skills at out-patient in the hospital of stomatology, to improve the quality of first-aid nursing. Methods To stratify and train the outpatient nurse with reverse complement teaching and scene simulation teaching, construct first-aid nursing network system, compare the scores of first-aid skills and the quality of first-aid nursing before and after training. Results The score about first-aid theory and skills and the nursing quality were improved significantly(P<0.05). Conclusion To train and manage oral out-patient nurse standardized and orderly can improve the quality of first-aid nursing and ensure the safety of patients.

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    Adverse reactions and nursing intervention after aerosol inhalation following pharyngoplasty
    Zhang Xiaoxue, Gong Caixia.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2012, 39 (6):  723-725.  DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5749.2012.06.006
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    Objective To observe the line of cleft palate patients with velopharyngeal muscle flap pharyngoplasty postoperative oxygen inhalation of adverse reactions and the effect of nursing intervention. Methods 50 patients after velopharyngeal muscle flap pharyngoplasty surgery were randomly divided into control group and observation group, 25 cases were given oxygen aerosol inhalation and systemic anti-inflammatory treatment. The observation group was treated with intermittent atomization inhalation and targeted the anxiolytic care intervention. Results Two groups of patients with chest tightness, rapid heart rate, shortness of breath, dizziness and other adverse reaction rates and anxiety and the incidence was statistically significant(P<0.05). Conclusion Atomization inhalation treatment given to specific nursing intervention to reduce the incidence of adverse reactions.

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    Assessment of orthodontic treatment complexity, outcome and objective treatment need
    Tang Yi1, Shao Yuanchun2, Guo Jing1.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2012, 39 (6):  726-729.  DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5749.2012.06.007
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    Objective To assess the orthodontic treatment complexity, degree of improvement and objective treatment need of patients by using the index of complexity, outcome and need(ICON). Methods 114 cases were randomly selected from Hospital of Stomatology, Shandong University. The ICON was used to assess the pre-treatment study models for orthodontic treatment need and complexity for the cases. 20 pairs pre- and post-treatment study models were randomly selected. The ICON was used to assess the pre - and post -treatment study models for orthodontic treatment outcome and treatment improvement. Results In treatment complexity, there were 13(11.4%) cases was easy, 26(22.8%) cases was mild, 21(18.4%) cases was moderate, 29(25.4%) cases was difficult, 25 (22.0%) cases was very difficult in 114 cases. There were 33(28.9%) cases did not need treatment, while 81 (71.1%) cases needed treatment in 114 cases. In treatment outcome, there were 15(75.0%) cases had“greatly improved”, 4(20.0%) cases had“substantially improved”, 1(5.0%) case had“moderately improved”, while there was no patient had“minimally improved”and“not improved or worse”. Conclusion Most patients were difficult to orthodontic treatment. There were partly over -treatment patients. The orthodontic treatment outcome of most patients were satisfied.

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    Orthodontic study of the mandibular mesial-horizontal impacted third molar
    Jiang Shitong1, Liu Jun2, Chen Yuchang2, Wang Zuojun3, Ma Deqing1, Jiao Guangjun1, Jiang Liangkun1.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2012, 39 (6):  730-732.  DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5749.2012.06.008
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    Objective To explore the orthodontic method for preserving and making use of the mandibular mesial-horizontal impacted third molar. Methods An orthoaxis device on the occlusal plane and the distal plane of the molar was self-developed. And accompanied by a mandibular fixed appliance, it was used for the orthodontic treatment of the mandibular mesial-horizontal impacted third molar. Results 11 mandibular mesial-horizontal impacted third molars in 10 patients were treated with the self-developed device for 17 to 26 months. All of them were well erected and stabilized. And a satisfied overbite and overjet relationship was established. Conclusion Use of the orthoaxis device developed by us could rapidly, safely and efficiently accomplish the orthodontic treatment of the mandibular mesial-horizontal impacted third molar.

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    Clinical analysis of 17 children’s condylar fractures with closed treatment
    Li Xiaoyu, Liu Zhenghua, Cai Jianbo.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2012, 39 (6):  733-735.  DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5749.2012.06.009
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    Objective To evaluate the clinical effects of closed treatment in children’s condylar fractures. Methods Fixed arch splint ligation and orthodontic fixed appliance were used to treat 17 children’s condylar fractures. Patients needed to take temporomandibular joint functional training after 14-28 days intermaxillary traction. Results Three patients with low condylar fractures were ineffective after closed treatment for 14 days. 12 fractures patients acquired good results. One patient had unilateral occlusion. And one patient had mild limitation of mouth opening. Conclusion For condylar fractures in children without significant shift or temporomandibular joint dislocation, we can acquire favorable treatment to take arch splint ligation with orthodontic fixed appliance.

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    A case report about dental implants in the patient with an ectopically impacted first molar near mandibular nerve
    Qing Ping, Gao Shanshan, Zhu Zhuoli, Fan Hongyi, Yu Haiyang.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2012, 39 (6):  736-738.  DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5749.2012.06.010
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    Dental implant in posterior area with an impacted tooth near mandibular nerve is rarely seen in clinic. This article reports the patient with a missing second premolar and an impacted first molar in right mandible. Combined with the clinical data and the literature, the treatment plan together with the therapeutic effect of cast metal abutment and polymerization porcelain were discussed.

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    A case report about bone fragment broke into the inferior alveolar nerve canal by implant extrusion without discomfort
    Rong Mingdeng1, Guo Zehong1, Huang Yu2, Wu Mulian1, Wu Mei3, Zhou Lei1.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2012, 39 (6):  739-741.  DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5749.2012.06.011
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    Temporarily or long-term lower lip numbness, pain, discomfort and other symptoms are often caused by dental implants and bone fragments into the inferior alveolar neural canal, and it has to remove the implant ultimately. This paper reported a case that implant extruded bone fragment into the inferior alveolar nerve tube, and the patient was not fell abnormal pain and numbness after surgery. 3 months later, the cone beam computed tomography-checking showed that the bone fragment was absorbed and the implant gained good osseointegration. Implant-suported restoration was finished after 3.5 months, 2-years follow-up, the patient felt good. To reduce the length of the implant appropriatly and the correct operation can greatly reduce this risk.

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    Biological effects of lipoteichoic acid from Streptococcus mutans
    Zhang Ya, Yu Danni.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2012, 39 (6):  742-745.  DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5749.2012.06.012
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    Lipoteichoic acid, the virulence factor of Streptococcus mutans(S.mutans), plays an important role in dental caries caused by S.mutans and induces dental pulp immune response during the advances in dental caries. Research progress reviewed in this paper is the biological effects of lipoteichoic acid from S.mutans, including structure and functions, periodontal disease progress, complement activation, production of cytokine, and apotosis of pulp cells.

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    Research progress on cancer stem cells of head and neck squamous cell carcinomas
    Zou Bo, Ji Ping.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2012, 39 (6):  746-750.  DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5749.2012.06.013
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    According to the cancer stem cell theory, only a rare subpopulation of cells, called “cancer stem cell”, have the ability to sustain cancer growth, and all the other cancer cells have a limited growth potential or no growth potential at all. In various cancers, including head and neck squamous cell carcinomas(HNSCC), such cells have been identified and prospectively isolated. The current progress on cancer stem cells in HNSCC, such as CD44 positive cells, aldehyde dehydrogenase positive cells, side population cells and octamer4/nanog/CD133 positive cells, was discussed in this article.

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    Research progress on transcription factor families regulating mandibular development
    Chen Yanze1, Shi Ce1, Sun Hongchen1, Lin Chongtao2.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2012, 39 (6):  751-755.  DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5749.2012.06.014
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    The development of vertebrate mandible involves a series of signaling molecules and transcription factors. The migration, orientation and regulation of the cranial neural crest cell(CNCC) are the key to mandibular development. The transcription factor families play an essential role in the development of mandible and their expression partly determines the specificity of CNCC. In this review, researches on DLX, MSX, OTX, GSC, PITX, PAX, PRX, BARX, HAND and other transcription factor families involved in regulation of mandibular development were reviewed.

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    Research progress on endoplasmic reticulum stress signaling pathways in chondrocytes
    Wen Juan, Li Huang.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2012, 39 (6):  756-759.  DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5749.2012.06.015
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    The endoplasmic reticulum is susceptible to various stresses that provoke the accumulation of unfolded proteins in it, inducing stress response in cells, and altering the growth and function of cells. This is the endoplasmic reticulum stress(ERS). ERS will happen in chondrocytes, the only cells in cartilage, after exposing to glucose deprivation, interleukin-1β, nitric oxide and some drugs. ERS triggers an evolutionarily conserved series of signal transduction events, which constitutes the unfolded protein response(UPR). The three major transducers of the UPR are inositol-requiring(IRE)1, protein kinase R-like endoplasmic reticulum kinase(PERK), and activating transcription factor(ATF)6. They trigger major signal pathways of UPR, which affect the growth, apoptosis of chondrocytes and the inflammation of cartilage. Advances in the research into ERS, PERK, IRE1 and ATF6 signal pathways are reviewed in this article.

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    Research progress on non -syndromic cleft lip and/or palate in candidate genes
    Yu Yina, Fan Lijie.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2012, 39 (6):  760-765.  DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5749.2012.06.016
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    Non-syndromic cleft lip and palate(NSCLP) is one of the most common congenital malformations in human, which is composed of two entities: Cleft lip with or without cleft lip and palate and cleft palate only. NSCLP is a complex disease caused by genetic and environmental factors and their interactions. So far, many candidate genes have been found to be related to this disease, such as interferon regulatory factor 6, methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase, transforming growth factorα, muscle segment homeobox gene 1, retinoic acid receptor α, etc. This review will briefly summarize the relation between most valuable candidate gene site in chromosomes and NSCLP.

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    Application progress of enamel matrix protein in the area of stomatology
    Xiang Chenyang1, Zhang Linglin2,3, Li Wei2.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2012, 39 (6):  766-769.  DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5749.2012.06.017
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    Enamel matrix proteins(EMP) are the proteins secreted by epithelial root sheath during the process of teeth development. It can promote the regeneration of cementum, the proliferation of periodontal ligament cells and the induction of bone. Starting from the biological function of EMP, this review will introduce the application progress of EMP in the area of stomatology.

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    Research progress on biological characteristics and testing means of Fusobacterium nucleatum
    Guo Yang1, Zhang Yujie2, Xiao Shuiqing2.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2012, 39 (6):  770-774.  DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5749.2012.06.018
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    Fusobacterium nucleatum, one of the main pathogens causing periodontitis, is detected extremely high in oral and even systemic infectious diseases, and closely related to the clinical anaerobic infections. It indicates significant virulence or pathogenicity through multiple mechanisms to interfere with host defense capabilities and further lead to periodontal destructions. This article describes some important characteristics of Fusobacterium nucleatum, including its biological characteristics, classification, toxicity characteristics, as well as the major biological detection methods, and focuses on the application of polymerase chain reaction technology in the detection of Fusobacterium nucleatum.

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    Expression and its significance of phospholipase C -γ1 in tumors
    Zhu Dongwang, Zhong Laiping, Zhang Zhiyuan.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2012, 39 (6):  775-777.  DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5749.2012.06.019
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    Metastasis is the main cause of death in the patients with cancers, which is associated closely with cellular proliferation and invasion. The overexpression of phospholipase C-γ1 can increase the ability of cancerous cells to invade and metastasize, so it maybe a therapeutic potential to counteract the metastatic dissemination. This paper reviewed the literatures about the significance of phospholipase C-γ1 in the motility of cells, increasing the ability of cancerous cells to invade and metastasize, and the mechanisms of tumor migration and invasion.

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    Enterococcus faecalis and its detection and identification in dentine tubular
    Pan Wenting, Wu Yao, Xie Xialoli.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2012, 39 (6):  778-781.  DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5749.2012.06.020
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    Enterococcus faecalis are able to survive starvation and very harsh environment. In different part of root canal, Enterococcus faecalis vary on the planting density. Enterococcus faecalis has several virulence factors which could shift and diffuse between enterococcus, helping with nonspecific immune response -tolerance, pathogenicity and viability. This review summarizes the features of Enterococcus faecalis related to dentine tubular invasion and the detective method of it.

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    Relationship between Porphytomonas gingivalis and coronary heart disease
    Zhu Yunjie, Chen Hui.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2012, 39 (6):  782-785.  DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5749.2012.06.021
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    Porphytomonas gingivalis is the main suspected bacteria of periodontal disease, and at the same time it is one of the risk factors on causing the coronary heart disease. So whether periodontal disease is one of the risk factors of coronary heart disease has provoked many researchers’interests. This essay makes a review about pathogenic process and mechanism that Porphytomonas gingivalis acts on coronary heart disease.

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    Research progress on the regulation of spx protein
    Zhao Wei, Yu Danni.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2012, 39 (6):  786-789.  DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5749.2012.06.022
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    Streptococus mutans is known as a primary pathogen of dental caries, which experiences all kinds of pressure changes in oral cavity, and its pathogenicity closely relates to the tolerance in a variety of environments. The spx protein is a global regulator in Gram-positive bacteria, and plays a particular role in stress tolerance, survival and virulence of Streptococus mutans. This article reviewed the spx protein, the structure of spx/α-C terminal domain complex and the regulation of spx protein in Streptococus mutans and non-cariogenic bacterias.

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    Features and the use of cone beam computed tomography in orthodontics
    Zhou Yanni1,2, Cao Baocheng1.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2012, 39 (6):  790-793.  DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5749.2012.06.023
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    Professional X-ray is important to know the patient’s type of malocclusion and make treatment planning in orthodontic treatment. For a long time, we use panoramic radiograph and cephalometric head film which are two-dimensional images, and there are many shortcomings such as overlap and enlarge image. The traditional fan beam computed tomography can’t become a routine inspection of the patients with orthodontic tools, because its covers big area, high price, complex operation, radiation quantity, expensive cost and other factors. In recent years, with the introduction of cone beam computed tomography(CBCT) on the diagnosis and treatment of orthodontic patients, as well as in the doctor-patient communication are of great help. This article aimed to review the origin, technical features and the use of CBCT in orthodontics.

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    Gingipain and its pathogenicity
    Feng Qin1,2, Zhang Fengqiu1.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2012, 39 (6):  794-796.  DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5749.2012.06.024
    Abstract ( 1697 )   HTML ( 14 )   PDF(pc) (117KB) ( 1013 )   Save

    Porphyromonas gingivalis(P.gingivalis) is recognized as the most important pathogen of periodontitis. Gingipain is thought to be one of the most important virulence factors of P.gingivalis. This paper reviews gingipain and its effects on the growth and adhesion of bacteria, tissue destruction and host defence mechanism.

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    The applications of Er:YAG laser in Oral Science
    Chen Minle, Ding Jiangfeng, Jiang Qianzhou, He Yijiang.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2012, 39 (6):  797-800.  DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5749.2012.06.025
    Abstract ( 1313 )   HTML ( 21 )   PDF(pc) (136KB) ( 2043 )   Save

    Er:YAG laser is a new type of laser-powered hydrokinetic system belonging to middle infrared lasers, which has the suitable characteristics of oral soft tissues resection. In contrast with the traditional method, Er:YAG laser has many advantages, including ease pain and discomfort in the course of treatment, which the patients are more likely to accept. Er:YAG laser is being gradually studied and applied for dentistry. The article summarized the working principle of Er:YAG laser, as well as the advantages and application in oral therapy.

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    Application of Herbst appliance in treatment of skeletal Class Ⅱmalocclusion in adults
    Wang Honghong, Chen Rongjing.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2012, 39 (6):  801-804.  DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5749.2012.06.026
    Abstract ( 1159 )   HTML ( 6 )   PDF(pc) (136KB) ( 786 )   Save

    The Herbst appliance was proven to be a powerful and effective fixed functional system in the treatment of Class Ⅱ malocclusions for adolescents. At present, the evidence of scientific studies demonstrated the Herbst therapy was also reliable and efficient for adults. Several changes, such as dental and skeletal changes, improvement in lateral profile, long-term stability, were found when the Herbst appliances were used in adults.

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    Research progress on detections and analyses of peri -implant crevicular fluid
    Wang Baixiang, Meng Weiyan.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2012, 39 (6):  805-807.  DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5749.2012.06.027
    Abstract ( 1105 )   HTML ( 0 )   PDF(pc) (115KB) ( 726 )   Save

    Peri-implant crevicular fluid(PICF) reflects the health of peri-implant tissues. Researching on the content and composition of PICF is helpful to know the pathogenesis of peri-implantitis. It may also provide new methods and research directions for the diagnosis and treatment of peri-implantitis.

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    Recurrent aphthous ulcers and alimentary control
    Wu Yuan, Liu Chuanxia, Li Xiaoying.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2012, 39 (6):  808-810.  DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5749.2012.06.028
    Abstract ( 1330 )   HTML ( 5 )   PDF(pc) (104KB) ( 1162 )   Save

    Recurrent aphthous ulcer(RAU) is a kind of common oral mucosa disease, clinical observation found that it is closely related with diet. In this paper, the studies on RAU and diet main documents were analyzed and summed up, we will discuss the relationship between RAU and diet from three aspects: Appropriate food and avoid eating, life regulate, in order to provide certain help for clinical treatment.

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    New research methods of measuring translucency of ceramic materials
    Yao Jiajing, Huang Hui.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2012, 39 (6):  811-813.  DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5749.2012.06.029
    Abstract ( 1122 )   HTML ( 3 )   PDF(pc) (135KB) ( 690 )   Save

    Ceramic materials have a wide range of use in the clinical treatment, and its superior esthetic property wins the popularity among the patients. Ceramic materials can not only mimic the colour of the nature teeth, but also have the outstanding esthetic property due to its translucency. Among the research of these years, except the elements of colour, people pay more attention to the translucency of the ceramic materials, but it differs widely among the ways to measure the translucency. This review is about the translucency of ceramic materials, measuring methods and measuring appliances, hoping to give some references to relative clinical researches.

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    Treatment of infantile haemangioma in the head and neck region with propranolol
    Wang Weicai, Hou Jinsong.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2012, 39 (6):  814-817.  DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5749.2012.06.030
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    Infantile haemangioma is a kind of the commonest childhood tumours and frequently occured in the head and neck region. They have a self-limiting course, but approximately 10% lesions require various treatment. Current clinical treatment include systemic or intralesional corticosteroids, vincristine, alpha-interferon, sclerotherapy, laser, or comprehensive of these therapies. Recent reports have highlighted the impressive efficacy of propranolol in treating rapidly proliferating haemangioma. This review focuses on the molecule mechanism of propranolol to treatment of haemangioma, clinical application and adverse respones.

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    Complications and preventation of distraction osteogenesis in oral and maxillofacial surgery
    Wang Jinjuan, Chen Jun.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2012, 39 (6):  818-823.  DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5749.2012.06.031
    Abstract ( 1259 )   HTML ( 2 )   PDF(pc) (180KB) ( 1265 )   Save

    Distraction osteogenesis has been successfully used to restore the deformities of craniomaxillofacial surgery these years, while it has provided various advantages over conventional methods and has a widely used in future. However, to obtain the optimal results from distraction osteogenesis, one must be take enough attention to potential complications or unexpected events and how best to minimize or avoid these. In this article, we will make a review about the above issues.

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    Clinical application status and prospects of self-ligating and conventional brackets on periodontal environments
    Shi Jing1,2, Peng Hui1.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2012, 39 (6):  824-827.  DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5749.2012.06.032
    Abstract ( 926 )   HTML ( 3 )   PDF(pc) (135KB) ( 665 )   Save

    In recent years, self-ligating brackets have been widely used in clinical treatment, because they have many unique advantages. Orthodontic wires have been fixed on self -ligating brackets by clips or slides without stainless steel ligatures and elastometric rings. More and more orthodontic scholars have concerned whether the special structure is good to periodontal health. The purpose of this paper is to summarize the clinical application status and prospects of self-ligating and conventional brackets on periodontal environments.

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    Research progress on the effect of D-amino acids on biofilms
    Zhou Han, Zhou Xuedong.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2012, 39 (6):  828-830.  DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5749.2012.06.033
    Abstract ( 1033 )   HTML ( 0 )   PDF(pc) (145KB) ( 982 )   Save

    Most of the world’s bacteria exist in robust, sessile communities known as biofilms, ubiquitously predominate in most of the environmental, bacteria predominate, industrial, and medical processes. Even though Lamino acids are the dominant substrates for ribosome-based protein synthesis, several roles for D-amino acids in other biological processes have been found. This review summarized the previous researches on the effects that the D-amino acids have on the synthesis of extracellular polymeric substances in biofilms, the bacteria cell walls and signal molecule autoinducer-2 in recent years.

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    Skill and ability training of doctor-patient communication
    Yue Haiquan, Yu Zhanhai.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2012, 39 (6):  831-833.  DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5749.2012.06.034
    Abstract ( 926 )   HTML ( 3 )   PDF(pc) (106KB) ( 591 )   Save

    The doctor-patient communication skill is so important that medical students of the new age have to master. Good communication between doctors and patients is an important component of medical practice. The training of medical student on building communication ability with patients is beneficial for social harmony, adapting transformation of medical model and fitting the rigid demand as a qualified doctor as well.

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    Research progress on apical working width
    Luo Yu, Yang Jian.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2012, 39 (6):  834-837.  DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5749.2012.06.035
    Abstract ( 1345 )   HTML ( 12 )   PDF(pc) (176KB) ( 1509 )   Save

    Root canal preparation is a critical procedure of root canal therapy, and it’s essential for high quality preparation to accurately measure the initial working width and determine the final working width of the apical portion of the root canal. An adequate working width should eradicate intracanal infection thoroughly and achieve the best effect of root canal cleaning and shaping under the premise of saving tooth structure as far as possible. In this paper, the concepts, techniques and controversies of working width of apical preparation were reviewed.

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