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    Invisible incision technology in the cleft lip repair of application
    Shi Bing
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  421-425.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.001
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    This paper puts forward the principle of lip and nasal deformity correction according to the “from inside to outside” norm in the cleft lip and nasal deformity, which originates from the deep understanding of cleft lip and nasal anatomy, as well as the study and application process to of anatomical points in regularly geometrical movement of lip skin. The development and design of a series of technology to primary and secondary correction of cleft lip and nose with invisible lip incision have been formed achieved, and they have been employed in clinical process, having good clinical effects. The traditional process of cleft lip and nose repair carried out from “the outside to the inside?” was improved now and the understanding of lip and nasal deformity correction has been more thorough.

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    Analysis of cleft lip and palate cases
    Fu Yuchuan,Huang Yongqing,Tang Shijie,Shi Lungang,Mao Xiaoyan,Zhu Zhensen,Wen Yixi,Zheng Qian
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  426-428.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.002
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    We often encounter the same case has a variety of treatment options in cinical , but which one is the best? In current discussin column, we invited five well-known experts in the field of cleft lip and palate to discuss the case, in the hope can bring some revelation to clinical work.

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    The circadian rhythm expression of the human neutrophil peptide 1-3
    Chen Yi, Tao Renchuan, Lin Xuefang, Liu Zhenmin, Yong Xiangzhi, Li Runying.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  429-431.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.003
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    Objective To detect the human neutrophil peptide 1-3(HNP1-3) expression in circadian rhythm. Methods Saliva, peripheral venous blood and gingival crevicular fluid(GCF) samples from mesio-buccal gingival crevice of four first molars of six healthy individuals were collected at two consecutive days from 6∶00 to 22∶00, and the expression of HNP1-3 was detected by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay(ELISA) method. Results The median in GCF was 5.86 μg·L-1, the overall trend was a sinusoidal waveform, with peak at 14∶00 and valley at 20∶00. The median in saliva was 2.15 μg·L-1, the overall trend was the “V” word waveform, higher in the morning and evening, the valley at 14∶00. The median in peripheral venous blood was 4.79 μg·L-1, the overall trend was single peak waveform, reaching a peak from 6∶00 to 10∶00, and then declining slowly. Conclusion The expression HNP1-3 in saliva, GCF, peripheral venous blood samples existed differences. The trend from high to low was GCF, blood, saliva and showed a certain circadian rhythm.

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    The effect of hydrogen peroxide containing nano-hydroxyapatite on the enamel surface
    Lan Jing, Wang Chuanyong, Xue Jing, Jiang Li, Li Wei.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  432-435.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.004
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    Objective To explore the effect of nano -hydroxyapatite(nano -HA) solution and hydrogen peroxide(HP) solution on the enamel surface. Methods Seventy-two bovine enamel blocks were randomly divided into six groups: Deionized water(DW) group, HP+DW group, nano-HA+HP group, nano-HA+HP mixed group, HP+nano-HA group, nano-HA+DW group. Before and after the experiment, the samples were subsequently evaluated by microhardness tester through scanning electron microscope, atomic force microscope and X-ray diffraction. Results After the treatment, significant microhardness loss and morphological change of enamel and decreased crystallinity can be observed in HP+DW group, in the nano-HA+HP group or nano-HA+HP mixed group or HP+nano-HA group, enamel surface become smooth, microhardness increased significantly than the HP+DW group and the crystallinity bounced. Conclusion HP solution can lead to significant morphology change of the enamel surface, hardness loss and crystallinity decreased. The solution of nano-HA and HP, especially the mixed solution can significantly decrease the morphology change of the enamel surface, the microhardness and crystallinity.

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    The effect of long-term water storage on the resin adhesive interface between dentine and glass ceramic
    Li Liyun, Wei Wenjia, Meng Xiangfeng.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  436-439.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.005
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    Objective To analyze the weak point of multiple adhesive interfaces between dentine and glass ceramic through resin cement under long-term water storage. Methods The flat dentin surfaces of 15 intact human third molars and 15 pieces of glass ceramic(ProCAD) pretreated by silane coupler were prepared. The teeth were divided into 5 groups randomly, were bonded with ceramic through etch -rinse type resin adhesive system One-step Plus +Duolinks(OD); self-etch type resin adhesive system ED-Prime+Panavia F(EP), Multilink Primer+Multilink Automix(MM), and J-100P primer+J-100P Ivory(JJ); self-adhesive type resin cement Relyx Unicem(RU). The bonded teeth were sectioned to obtain bar -shaped intact specimens with about 0.9 mm× 0.9 mm bond area. Specimens were kept in distilled water for 18 months, and received mirco -tensile test. Results The count of fracture mode showed that ceramic interface fracture were 64% in Group OD, 57% in Group EP, 79% in Group MM, 36% in Group JJ, 39% in Group RU, while dentine interface fracture were 0% in Group OD, 14% in Group EP, 4% in Group MM, 7% in Group JJ, 14% in Group RU, and the others were the mixture fracture which all included the part of ceramic interface fracture. The bond strengths of Group OD(12.98±5.86)MPa was greater than those of Group MM(9.32±2.87)MPa(P<0.05), and the bond strength of Group EP, Group JJ and RU were not significantly different from Group OD and Group MM(P >0.05). Conclusion The interface of resin cements and ceramics is more susceptible from water than that of resin and dentine, etch-rinse type resin bond system could obtain more stable adhesive interface.

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    Effect of silicate solution in different concentrations on bonding strength of porcelain and pure titanium by liquid-phase deposition technology
    Gao Yu1, Wu Zhan’ao1, Feng Weizhong1, Ding Yan1, Zhang Deyun2, Jiang Tao1.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  440-443.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.006
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    Objective To study the effect of silicate solution in different concentrations on bonding strength of titanium and porcelain by liquid -phase deposition(LPD) technology. Methods Forty pure titanium specimens were randomly divided into four groups according to different surface treatments after sandblasting, and measured the roughness of each group. After the middle area of the samples was veneered with porcelain, a three-point-flexure-test was used to evaluate the bonding strength of titanium to porcelain. The interface of titanium and porcelain was investigated by scanning electron microscope(SEM). Results No definite oxide layer was observed at the interfaces in four groups. The bonding strength of groups of liquid-phase deposition were significantly higher than control group. The mean bonding strength of 0.3 mol·L-1 silicate solution group was the highest. Conclusion Middle layer prepared by LPD technology is significant in improving bonding strength of porcelain and pure titanium.

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    A preliminary clinical study of genotoxicity in oral mucosa cells exposed to Ni-Cr alloy
    Lin Guofen, Chen Zhihong, Liu Li.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  444-446.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.007
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    Objective The aim of the study was to assess the genotoxicity in oral mucosa cells exposed to Ni-Cr alloy. Methods Sixty-eight subjects were divided into two groups, including 34 subjects of exposure group and 34 subjects of control group. The genotoxicity in oral mucosa cells were assessed by micronucleus assay. Micronuclei frequency(MNF) and micronucleated cell frequency(MCF) were calculated. Results Micronucleus assay revealed that the MNF and MCF of oral mucosa cells in exposure group were 1.63‰±2.03‰ and 1.26‰±1.42‰, while the MNF and MCF were 1.57‰±1.88‰ and 1.06‰±1.16‰ in control group respectively. There were no significant differences(P>0.05) between two groups. Conclusion The results suggested that there was no significant genotoxicity in oral mucosa exposed to Ni-Cr alloy by micronucleus assay.

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    Systematic review and Meta -analysis of ultrasonography guided fine -needle aspiration cytology for parotid tumors
    Men Yi, Li Chunjie, Li Longjiang, Han Bo, Xia Hui, Gao Ning.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  447-450.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.008
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    Objective To evaluate the diagnostic value of ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration(USFNA) in differentiating malignancy and benign lesions of the parotid gland. Methods The diagnostic studies on ultrasonography guided fine-needle aspiration cytology for parotid tumors were searched through Chinese biomedical literature database, Medline and Embase. The methodological quality was assessed with quality assessment of diagnostic accuracy studies. Two reviewers took part in all of the work in duplicate and any disagreement was resolved by discussion. Meta-analysis was done with MetaDisc 1.4. Results A total of 10 studies were included. The results of meta-analysis showed the pooled diagnostic values and its 95% confidence interval(95%CI) in differentiating malignant and benign tumors in the parotid gland as following: Specificity 0.99, 95%CI(0.98, 1.00); sensitivity 0.86, 95%CI(0.78, 0.91); positive likelihood ratio 42.39, 95%CI(22.03, 81.57); negative likelihood ratio 0.20, 95%CI(0.13, 0.29); the area beneath the receiver operating characteristic curve was 0.983 0. Conclusion The ultrasonography guided fine-needle aspiration cytology showed a high specificity and sensitivity in differencing the malignant and benign tumor of the parotid region, which should be used as a routine test before operation.

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    Application of computer -controlled local anesthetic delivery
    Liu Yanmei, Liu Nan, Li Xin.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  451-453.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.009
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    Objective Evaluation on the effect of single tooth anesthesia(STA) computer-controlled local anesthetic delivery in tooth extraction to the patients with dental anxiety and cardiovascular disease. Methods  Two groups were included. In the experimental group, STA was used, and in the control group, hand injection was performed. Anxiety level before and after injection was evaluated with modified dental anxiety scale. The level of pain during injection was assessed with visual analogue scale by patients after injection. Blood pressure and heart rate were observed before, during and after injection. Results  The visual analogue scale value showed a statistical difference between the experimental group and the control group. After injection, 86.11% patients in experimental group were decreased about the incidence rate of scores, which was significiantly superior to control group. No changes in blood pressure and heart rate were found before, during and after injection in the experimental group. The blood pressure increased significantly during injection in the control group. Conclusion  STA computer-controlled local anesthetic delivery can abate the inject pain and anxiety level, reduce the risk in the operation.

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    Clinical observation of the air particle concentration of dental implant surgery using local air laminar flow system in dynamic environment
    Zhou Liwen1, Gao Yongbo1, Li Lili2, Shu Xiangyun1, Lin Dongxiao1, Chen Lixuan1.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  454-455.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.010
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    Objective  The purpose of the study was to detect the air particle concentration of the dental implant surgery using local air laminar flow system in dynamic environment and to explore the related factors of its changes. Methods  The air samples were collected in a chosen dental implant surgery with local air laminar flow system on and 20 implantology cases were included. The air particle concentrations were detected by Handheld Particle Counter at every 15 minutes from the time point of 10 minutes after air purification to the end of the implant surgery. And the staff movement frequency was also recorded. Results  There were two peak particle concentrations at the time spot of 15 and 60 minutes after operation. And air particle concentration had a positive correlation with the staff movement frequency(P<0.05). Conclusion  The activity of staff movement has great impaction on the air cleanliness. Accordingly, effective management of staff reasonable work procedure is vital for infection control.

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    Clinical observation of the metal-ceramic crowns with shoulder porcelain of anterior teeth
    Tang Ying, Yuan Jianming, Pan Feng.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  456-458.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.011
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    Objective  To observe the prosthetic effects of the metal-ceramic crowns with shoulder porcelain of anterior teeth clinically. Methods  Forty-two units of metal-ceramic crowns with shoulder porcelain, forty-four units Ni -Cr based porcelain -fuse -metal crowns were observed after one year through clinical methods. Results  There were some differences between the two groups in color match, contour, marginal integrity and health of gum. But the difference between the two groups had no statistic significance. The differences of marginal integrity and marginal discoloration between metal-ceramic crowns with shoulder porcelain and Ni-Cr based porcelain-fuse-metal crowns had high statistic significance. Conclusion  Using metal -ceramic crowns with shoulder porcelain could progress the esthetics in anterior teeth.

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    Exploration of taste threshold affected by music
    Song Wenting1, Liu Guangtao2, Sui Qiuli3, Chen Yuan3, GeLin3, Lin Mei3.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  459-461.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.012
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    Objective  To explore the influence of two different styles music on taste threshold. Methods  A single blind, before-after study was carried out during 16:30—18:00 time-period to find out the threshold ranges of acidity, sugariness, bitterness, saltiness and discrepancy with 60 healthy volunteers. In order to avoid different music’s mutual interference, every volunteer was asked to participate in a two-day test: The first day, measure four kinds of taste thresholds, then listen to soothing music “bandari” 10 min, measure again. The second day the program repeated, music changed for intense music“linkin park”. Then compare the taste threshold changes before and after two kinds of music respectively. Results  The threshold range of bitterness diminished after soothing music, there was statistical difference(P<0.05). Conclusion  Music therapy had certain effect on taste threshold, the soothing music stimulation could reduce the threshold range of bitterness.

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    Combined surgical and orthodontic treatment on skeletal class Ⅰ bimaxillary protrusion: A case report
    Li Boxun, Liu Yi.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  462-463.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.013
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    A skeletal class Ⅰ bimaxillary protrusion case was treated by combined surgical and orthodontic treatment in Affiliated Stomatological Hospital of China Medical University. Both the profile and the patient’s confidence were improved. The therapeutic effect was satisfactory.

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    Education of University of Maryland School of Dentistry: The features and enlightenment for dental education in China
    Liu Jun, Chen Qianming, Zou Ling, Zhao Zhihe.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  464-466.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.014
    Abstract ( 1917 )   HTML ( 8 )   PDF(pc) (391KB) ( 1981 )   Save

    The United States is one of the first countries that provided the modern dental higher education in the world with a lot of experience accumulated in dental education. University of Maryland School of Dentistry, one of the nation’s top schools of dentistry, is an excellent representation in the field of the dental education in the United States. In this article, the educational philosophy, the teaching courses, the teachers’ qualifications, and the hardware facilities of the school were analyzed, so as to provide enlightenment for the development of dental education in China.

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    The efficiency and application of pit and fissure sealant technique in clinical pediatric dentistry
    Wu Xingchen, Shu Chenbin.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  467-470.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.015
    Abstract ( 1721 )   HTML ( 10 )   PDF(pc) (494KB) ( 975 )   Save

    Dental fissure in children has unique anatomical and physiological features, which provide a micro-ecological environment for the growth of bacteria colonization and plaque accumulation, and then will result in demineralization of teeth surfaces and occurrence of caries, and pit and fissure caries accounts for the vast majority of them. The pit and fissure sealant technique has become one of the most effective prevention methods. At present, the clinical dentists usually use enameloplasty sealant technique(EST), or conventional sealant technique(CST) to prevent caries happening. The application of EST can be preferred to CST for improving adhesion, adaptation, penetration and the remaining rate of the sealant within the fissure system, and also has less microleakage. Thus enameloplasty has been implicated in the successful application of pit and fissure sealants. The following words will discuss about the research progress in efficiency and application of the pit and fissure sealant, in order to apply reference to the operation in children.

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    Research progress on a new endodontic treatment material: BioAggregate
    Li Xiaoning, Fan Mingwen, Yang Xuechao.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  471-472.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.016
    Abstract ( 1561 )   HTML ( 2 )   PDF(pc) (244KB) ( 1269 )   Save

    BioAggregate(BA), as a new endodontic periapical repair material, shows some advantages, such as preventing microleakage, good biocompatibility and promoting tissue regeneration. The aim of this review is to compare the biological characteristics and clinical applications between BA and mineral trioxide aggregrate(MTA).

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    The application of ultrasound in the prevention and treatment of periodontal disease
    He Longfei, Bi Liangjia, Lin Jiang.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  473-475.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.017
    Abstract ( 1458 )   HTML ( 3 )   PDF(pc) (351KB) ( 662 )   Save

    Periodontal disease is the higher prevalent oral disease which is closely related to systemic diseases. Complete removal of dental calculus and plaque control is the focus of periodontal initial therapy. Ultrasonic equipment is commonly used in clinical to remove dental calculus. This article reviewed the application of ultrasound in the prevention and therapy of periodontal diseases from plaque control, dental calculus removal and periodontal tissue regeneration.

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    Analysis and evaluation of the decline in salivary secretion function
    Bie Zheng 1,2,Zheng Lingyan 1,Yu Chuangqi 1 .
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  476-479.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.018
    Abstract ( 3145 )   HTML ( 12 )   PDF(pc) (466KB) ( 1127 )   Save

    Secreting saliva is the main function of salivary glands, and salivary function’s declining is a common feature because of a variety of salivary gland diseases, especially the obstructions. This review will focus on common reasons that can lead to the functional changes in the salivary glands, and evaluate the functions of the salivary glands. Thus, it can provide objective standards for the evaluation of clinical therapy of salivary gland disease.

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    Application of cone beam computed tomography in dento-maxilla facial measurement
    Deng Mengzhao, Pan Xiaogang.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  480-482.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.019
    Abstract ( 1694 )   HTML ( 2 )   PDF(pc) (297KB) ( 767 )   Save

    Many researchers have inspected the accuracy and reliability of cone beam computed tomography(CBCT) in dento-maxilla facial measurement. This paper was to review the application of CBCT in measuring dental and craniomaxillofacial anatomical structure and presented its accuracy and reliability of CBCT measurement.

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    Application of low-temperature plasma in dental clinical sterilization
    Yang Hongli, Liu Siming, Hu Tao.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  483-485.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.020
    Abstract ( 1525 )   HTML ( 5 )   PDF(pc) (331KB) ( 1014 )   Save

    Recently, more and more researchers pay attention to plasma medicine, and the application of low-temperature plasma in dental clinical sterilization has became a new hot. Plasma sterilization, with the advantage of lowtemperature, fastness, thoroughness, safety, overcomes the deficiency of the traditional sterilization technology, and may become a novel method for killing microbe. This article was to introduce the technique of low-temperature plasma, reviewing the progress of the experimental study of the plasma disinfection and sterilization, and its dental clinical investigation. The prospect of this technique was briefly presented at the end of the article.

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    The application status and research progress on mouthguard
    Yang Weixiang, Li Yan.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  486-488.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.021
    Abstract ( 1642 )   HTML ( 5 )   PDF(pc) (350KB) ( 831 )   Save

    Oral and maxillofacial trauma in the sports games occurs frequently. As a protective appliance to avoid or reduce oral and maxillofacial trauma, mouthguard(MG) can significantly reduce the frequency and severity of orofacial injuries. However, MG are not generally used by athletes, the effect of protecting from injury is not widely known neither; moreover, the problems associated with using MG are discomfort, interference to pronunciation, breathing and sport performance during competition or training. This review provided reference for MG promotion and fabrication by describing the materials, design, application status and research progress of MG.

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    Research on factors related to clinical effects of veneer restorations
    Li Zhongjie, Xie Cuiliu, Meng Yukun.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  489-492.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.022
    Abstract ( 1470 )   HTML ( 5 )   PDF(pc) (461KB) ( 705 )   Save

    Veneer restoration plays an important role in esthetic dentistry, and due to the various advantages over full crown restoration, veneers is widely applied both home and abroad. A number of clinical studies demonstrate that fracture, debonding and color mismatch are the three most common failure types for veneer restorations. This paper holds a discussion on factors which could influence long-term outcomes.

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    The negative effects of miniscrew anchorage in clinical application
    Li Xue, Feng Xiaoxia, Zhao Zhihe.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  493-495.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.023
    Abstract ( 1719 )   HTML ( 9 )   PDF(pc) (335KB) ( 768 )   Save

    The appearance and development of miniscrew anchorage system has greatly enriched orthodontic anchorage patterns and broadened the treatment scope, and abundance of knowledge has been accumulated along with its application. Meanwhile, the accompanying negative effects in treatment have aroused clinicians’ attention. This review was thereby to address the negative effects in clinical application of miniscrew anchorage, namely micro -movement under load, unwanted tooth movement, increased root absorption risk and irregular alveolar bone formation.

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    Research progress on attachment of soft tissue around the implant neck
    Chen Bojia, Li Juanjuan, Ou Guomin.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  496-499.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.024
    Abstract ( 1788 )   HTML ( 3 )   PDF(pc) (403KB) ( 1387 )   Save

    With the growing awareness of the implant concept, the clinical application of dental implants has made a great success. Dental implants take long-term physiological function in the oral complex environment, not only relying on stable osseointegration which can withstand long-term occlusal load between the implant and bone but also the close attachment in soft tissue around the implant neck which plays a role of crucial barrier. Because of the destruction of soft tissue attachment, some of the clinical dental implants gradually loosened and fall off. The attachment of soft tissue around the implant neck has attracted widespread attention. The attachment of soft tissue around the implant neck and the influencing factors were reviewed.

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    Present research situation of the orthodontic related alveolar bone defects
    Liu Min, Zhou Li, Wang Yanmin.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  500-502.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.025
    Abstract ( 1693 )   HTML ( 6 )   PDF(pc) (332KB) ( 1012 )   Save

    Alveolar bone defects are intimately related to orthodontic treatment. Natural existing dehiscences and fenestrations will influence the effect of orthodontic treatment, and inappropriate treatment can lead to or accelerate dehiscences and fenestrations. The review will focus on the etiology, prone position and clinical character, influence on the body, treatment options and research methods of the orthodontic related alveolar bone defects.

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    Common methods of bite-opening in clinical treatment of deep overbite
    Peng Dezhi1, Chang Xin2.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  503-507.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.026
    Abstract ( 1872 )   HTML ( 8 )   PDF(pc) (503KB) ( 1934 )   Save

    The therapy of the deep overbite is challenge of the orthodontic treatment, which is the common problem in clinical position. Making the right choice in correct methods has puzzled the orthodontist, especially in learner in the first stage. The article reviewed the therapy for bite-opening in the deep overbite.

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    Research progress on centric relation
    Li Jingyu, Wang Yanmin, Bai Ding.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  508-510.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.027
    Abstract ( 1833 )   HTML ( 17 )   PDF(pc) (346KB) ( 1153 )   Save

    Centric relation(CR) has been a controversial subject for over a century. Although it is an important factor of occlusion, and closely related to prosthodontics, orthodontics and gnathology, scientists have never come to consensus on a clear definition, a correct way of determination or a clear relationship with temporomandibular disorder(TMD) of CR. The purpose of this paper is to review the controversial subjects above.

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    Development and prospect of brainwave music in the clinical application
    Shu Linjing1, Wu Songtao1,Wang Jing2.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  511-512.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.028
    Abstract ( 1608 )   HTML ( 2 )   PDF(pc) (264KB) ( 752 )   Save

    Brainwave music is a kind of individual bio-music. They are made through transforming brain waves properties into music elements. People have applied it to some aspects of clinical treatment and have achieved great results. This is an article to retrospect and prospect the brainwave music in the clinical application.

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    The application and development of music therapy in the field of pain
    Yang Xin, Wang Jing, Lai Wenli.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  513-515.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.029
    Abstract ( 1400 )   HTML ( 4 )   PDF(pc) (324KB) ( 905 )   Save

    Music therapy is one of the most effective methods of psychotherapy at present. It has been used for pain control as a kind of nonpharmaceutic and supplementary method, because it can affect patients’ psychological status and physiological performance directly or indirectly, reduce patients’ sensitivity to pain. This is a review about the application and development of music therapy in the field of pain.

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    Application of bioinformatics in oral medicine
    Ran Jinmei, Zhang Linglin, Li Wei.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  516-518.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.030
    Abstract ( 2088 )   HTML ( 25 )   PDF(pc) (343KB) ( 1335 )   Save

    With the development of life science and informatics, bioinformatics is developing as a new crossdisciplinary. Its main application is gene and protein associated research including expression and system analysis. This article will summarize the applications of bioinformatics in the following fields: Teeth growth, oral diseases, oral cancer, oral microbiology and saliva analysis.

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    Research progress on gingival crevicular fluid in patients with diabetes mellitus and periodontal diseases
    Huang Jing, Liang Jingping.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  519-522.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.031
    Abstract ( 1490 )   HTML ( 2 )   PDF(pc) (380KB) ( 649 )   Save

    Although the interaction of diabetes mellitus and periodontitis was generally accepted, the mechanism is still not identified. Gingival crevicular fluid can reflect the inflammation of the periodontal tissue because it originates from the serum and interstitium. In addition, the simple and noninvasive access of gingival crevicular fluid made it become the hot spots in the researches on the relationship between diabetes mellitus and periodontal diseases in recent years. This article aims to review the researches of gingival crevicular fluid in patients with diabetes mellitus and periodontal diseases.

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    Research progress on Chinese herbs for bone reconstruction
    Li Yuanjing, Liu Wenjing, Yang Lan, Guo Lühua.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  523-525.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.032
    Abstract ( 1681 )   HTML ( 7 )   PDF(pc) (359KB) ( 1230 )   Save

    With extensive use of dental implant therapy, how to improve the patients’ bone deficiencies induced by tooth loss, and promote the early osseointegration after implant operation has become a hot spot subject. In recent years, clinical and experimental researches have found Chinese herbs played a role in the rate and degree of implant osseointegration. This article will review the researches of Chinese herbs for bone reconstruction.

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    Effects of additives on enamel remineralization
    Wu Xiaoguang 1, Zhao Xu 2, Li Yi 1.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  526-528.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.033
    Abstract ( 1423 )   HTML ( 6 )   PDF(pc) (365KB) ( 997 )   Save

    The enamel surface dissolution(demineralization) and reconstruction(remineralization) is a continuous process. Remineralization treatment of early caries has become an important research trend. Adding the different components, the morphology and properties of hydroxyapatite crystal are different. Good growth of minerals for clinical prevention and treatment of early enamel demineralization provide powerful experimental basis. This paper was reviewed the research of the effects of adding composition on enamel remineralization in vitro.

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    Research progress on pericytes on multipotency
    Zhang Hong1, Zhang Zhiguang2.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  529-532.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.034
    Abstract ( 1804 )   HTML ( 3 )   PDF(pc) (382KB) ( 4109 )   Save

    Pericytes generally refers to a wide range of perivascular cells surrounding microvessels(arterioles, capillaries, and venules). It not only participates in the architecture of blood vessels, but also exhibits multiple biological functions. At present, its pluripotency is one of the research focuses. This review covered recent progress of the biological characteristics, perivascular cell markers, cell function, pluripotency of pericytes and the connection with mesenchymal stem cells.

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    Research progress on extracellular DNA release by Streptococcus gordonii
    Liu Min, Wang Lin, Hao Yuqing, Liu Yaling.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  533-536.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.035
    Abstract ( 1835 )   HTML ( 3 )   PDF(pc) (448KB) ( 815 )   Save

    Bacterial extracellular DNA(eDNA) is an important component of extracellular biofilm matrix. It can stable cell-cell adhesion and biofilm structure, and can transfer the genetic information. DNA release is typically a consequence of cell lysis. Streptococcus gordonii can release eDNA through a special hydrogen peroxide-dependent mechanism. This review will summarize the recent research progress on characteristics of eDNA release by Streptococcus gordonii and its release effect.

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    Kallikrein 4 and amelogenesis imperfecta
    Wang Guangping1,2, Li Mingxia1, Liu Jianguo2.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  537-539.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.036
    Abstract ( 1390 )   HTML ( 4 )   PDF(pc) (326KB) ( 835 )   Save

    Kallikrein 4(KLK4) is a protease expressed during the transition and maturation stages of dental enamel formation. KLK4 can degrade enamel proteins, reduce enamel proteins combination to hydroxyapatite, and promote the enamel crystals growth and mineralization. KLK4 mutations or defects cause hypomaturation amelogenesis imperfecta. This article reviewed the structure, expression, functions, regulatory factors of KLK4 and its effect on amelogenesis imperfecta.

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    The capsule of Porphyromonas gingivalis and its immunogenicity
    Wang Yiwei, Liu Dali, Shu Rong.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  540-543.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.037
    Abstract ( 1986 )   HTML ( 11 )   PDF(pc) (440KB) ( 1247 )   Save

    Porphyromonas gingivalis(P.gingivalis), the principal organism associated with periodontal disease, is a Gram-negative, anaerobic and nonmotile bacterium. It has been reported that many bacterial structures of P.gingivalis can induce human immune response which leads to tissue damage and establishment of periodontal disease. P.gingivalis can synthesize and secret polysaccharide which encapsulates bacterial cell wall to form a capsular structure. It has been confirmed that the capsular polysaccharide(CPS) involves in P.gingivalis-induced host immune response to serve as an important virulence factor of this pathogen. According to the K-antigen of CPS, P. gingivalis can be devided into six serotypes, K 1 -K 6 . This review focuses on CPS structure and immunogenicity of P.gingivalis.

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    Research progress on the effects of surface microtopography on cell behavior
    Zhang Shu, Wang Jing, Lin Yunfeng.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  544-546.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.038
    Abstract ( 1437 )   HTML ( 4 )   PDF(pc) (321KB) ( 2091 )   Save

    Substrate topography independently of substrate chemistry and physical, has been reported to have significant effects on cell behaviour. The micro- and nano- sized topographical feature of substance will effect cell orientation, migration, even proliferation and differentiation. The article reviewed the research progress the effects of surface microtopography on cell.

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    Research progress on regulation of octamer -binding transcription factor 4 in stress response
    Huang Rong, Wei Xi.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  547-549.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.039
    Abstract ( 1444 )   HTML ( 4 )   PDF(pc) (335KB) ( 636 )   Save

    Octamer-binding transcription factor 4(Oct4) is the key regulator involved in regulating pluripotency and self-renewal maintenance of embryonic stem cells. Recently, its function diversity has come into focus. Oct4 gene transcription variants, Oct4 gene splicing variants and the role of Oct4 gene in regulating cell stress and dental pulp cells are reviewed in this paper.

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    Osteoblasts and the regulations of early responses to stress
    Li Xin, Liu Heng, Sun Huiqiang.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  550-552.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.040
    Abstract ( 1464 )   HTML ( 3 )   PDF(pc) (356KB) ( 1196 )   Save

    Mechanical stress plays an important role in the remodeling of bone. Stress can regulate the differentiation and function of osteoblasts and osteoclasts through a variety of signaling pathways, so as to achieve a balance of bone metabolism. Osteoblasts are regarded as the main cells participating in the formation of alveolar bone in stomatology. Early responses of osteoblasts to mechanical stress mainly depend on: Cell-cell communication, gap junctions, calcium ion signal pathway and fluid shear stress, etc.. This article summarized the early responses of osteoblasts to mechanical loading.

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    P300/cyclic adenosine monophosphate response element binding protein and its biological functions
    Wang Tong, Xu Qiong.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  553-556.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.041
    Abstract ( 1394 )   HTML ( 6 )   PDF(pc) (403KB) ( 2107 )   Save

    P300 and cyclic adenosine monophosphate response element binding protein(CBP) were originally identified as transcriptional co-activator proteins that bind to the adenoviral E1A and the cyclic adenosine monophosphate- response element binding protein, respectively. They play a central role in multiple physiological events, for example, cell proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis. The transcription regulating properties of P300/CBP appear to be exerted through multiple mechanisms. This article intended to give a review on the structures, functions and mechanisms of P300/CBP, and its effects on transcription factors and cell cycle-associated factors.

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    Biological mechanisms of low intensity pulsed ultrasound on bone treatment
    Xiao Weixiong, Ban Zhaoyang, Zhu Zhimin.
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (4):  557-560.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.04.042
    Abstract ( 1653 )   HTML ( 4 )   PDF(pc) (435KB) ( 624 )   Save

    Low intensity pulsed ultrasound(LIPUS), as a non-invasive bone healing method, can improve the healing of fresh fracture and distraction osteogenesis, decrease the healing time with significant result. The molecular mechanism of LIPUS remains to be a research hotspot. This review explores the mechanism how the low-intensity pulsed ultrasound works on cell signal transformation and summaries its clinical studies and molecular biological mechanisms.

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