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    The close relationship between periodontology and dental implant
    Mao Erjia
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  281-284.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.001
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    Dental implant has been scientifically documented and clinically used for more than fifty years. Treatment plans and surgical procedures of dental implants have been closely related to periodontology. A comprehensive periodontal exam is a critical part in a diagnosis and treatment plan. Multidisciplinary approaches for implant treatment plans will achieve optimal clinical results and have begun to increase in use. Classic periodontal concepts, such as biological width and attached gingival, also apply to the bone and soft tissue around dental implants. Similar to periodontal maintenance, the long-term success of dental implants depends on regular maintenance programs. Therefore, periodontology is the base of dental implant treatment plans and surgical procedures. Understanding of periodontology is important for everyone involved in dental implant treatments.

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    Effects of licorice decoction on the adherence of Streptococcus mutans in vitro
    Huang Ping, Wan Huchun, Tian Tingyu, He Yonghong
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  285-287.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.002
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    Objective To determine the effects of licorice decoction on the adherence of Streptococcus mutans in vitro and the possible mechanisms. Methods Licorice decoction was from self-preparation. According to the licorice decoction’s mass concentration 25, 50 and 100 g•L-1, the experiment were divided into A, B and C groups. The group not containing decoction was set as negative control group. The experiment was performed in the glass tubes. Bacteria adhering tightly, loosely or not adhering to the glass were collected separately to determine bacteria’s adhesion rates. The quantity of water insoluble extracellular polysaccharides produced by bacteria was measured by anthrone method. Results Bacteria’s adhesion rates of A, B, C and negative control groups were 70.2%, 40.1%, 14.2% and 87.1% respectively. Water insoluble extracellular polysaccharides’s mass concentration of each group was 0.28, 0.25, 0.13, 0.30 g•L -1. Conclusion Licorice decoction has inhibitory potential against the adherence of Streptococcus mutans to smooth surface. The inhibition was dose-dependent, and may be relevant with the inhibition of synthesis of water insoluble extracellular polysaccharides.

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    Proliferation and differentiation of the vascular endothelial cell under microvibration
    Wang Xiaojing, Zhu Zhuoli, Yu Haiyang
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  288-290.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.003
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    Objective To evaluate the proliferation and differentiation of human umbilical vein endothelial cell(HUVEC) under microvibration. Methods HUVECs were randomly divided into three groups: Group A was blank control group, group B was vibrated under 80 Hz, 30 min per day, group C was vibrated under 40 Hz, 30 min per day; observed HUVEC proliferations based on micro-vibration duration on 0, 3, 5, 7 d. Methyl thiazolyl tetrazolium(MTT) assay was used to detect cell proliferation and growth curve. According to the result of the growth curve, we took another HUVECs divided into 4 groups:Group a was vibrated immediately, group b was blank control of group a, group c was vibrated during three days, group d was blank control of group c. Western blot assay was used to detect secretion of intercellular adhesion molecule(ICAM)-1, endothelial nitric oxide synthase(eNOS) and phosphorylate-eNOS. Results MTT growth curve showed the proliferation mainly from the first to the third day, stepped into the plateau period from the fifth day. Group C proliferated more quickly than in group B from the first day, more quickly than group A from the third day, proliferation capacity of group B was always lower than group A, and the differences were statistically significant(P<0.05). The expressions of ICAM-1 and PeNOS in group c were the highest in all groups. Conclusion The low amplitude high frequency microvibration promoted ICAM-1 and P-eNOS expression, enhanced cell adhesion.

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    The effect of angiotensin Ⅱ on the expression of osteopontin and matrix metalloproteinase-2 in mice osteoblast
    Li Guangyue, Xie Yun, Yue Yuan, Bai Congjia, Hao Liang, Wang Min
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  291-296.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.004
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    Objective To analyze the effects of angiotensin(Ang)Ⅱ on the expression of osteopontin(OPN)and matrix metalloproteinase(MMP)-2 in osteoblast-like MC3T3-E1 cells and the type of receptors. Methods The mouse osteoblast -like MC3T3 -E1 cells were cultured, and divided into four groups, exposed to different concentrations of AngⅡ(10-8, 10-7, 10-6 mol•L-1) with one group as control. The secreted concentrations of OPN, MMP-2 were evaluated by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. In addition, the blockers of the two distinct types of receptors(AT1R and AT2R)were used to identify the receptor through which the Ang Ⅱ act in the osteoblastlike MC3T3-E1 cells. Results Ang Ⅱ, the concentration of which was within 10-8 to 10-6 mol•L-1 could increase the expressions of OPN, MMP -2 in a dose -dependent mannner. 10 -6 mol•L-1 Ang Ⅱ could stimulate the expressions of OPN, MMP-2 in a time-dependent mannner with the peak at the time of 24 h after the exposure. The AT1R blocker Losantan could significantly reduce the expressions of OPN and MMP-2 in the osteoblasts(P<0.05), while the AT2R blocker PD123319 didn’t have this effect. Conclusion Ang Ⅱ could enhance the expressions of OPN and MMP-2 in dose- and time-dependent manners via AT1R.

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    Reconstruction of three dimensional finite element model of the dentulous mandible based on cone beam CT images
    Xin Yu1, Lü Dongsheng1, Zhang Wen2, Xiao Ling1, Zhao Ying1
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  297-300.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.005
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    Objective To quickly and accurately construct three dimensional finite element model of the dentulous mandible and conduct relevant analyses of its biomechanical properties, so as to provide reference for more researchers who focus on medical finite element analysis. Methods DICOM data of patient’s skull is obtained with cone beam CT technology. Three dimensional finite element model of the dentulous mandible was quickly constructed with Mimics software and assign the defined values to the properties of contained materials and then input into Ansys software for analysis. Results Three dimensional finite element model of the dentulous mandible was successfully constructed; material assignment of different structures of mandible was realized and its validity was verified through model load. Conclusion Three dimensional finite element models of the dentulous mandible of different material properties constructed with the method of combining cone beam CT, Mimics and Ansys software comply with the clinical circumstances and lay the foundation for further analysis of biomechanical properties.

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    The research on the bond durability between self -adhesive cements and zirconia ceramic
    Jing Ye, Meng Xiangfeng
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  301-304.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.006
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    Objective To compare the bond durability of five self-adhesive resin cements to polished and sandblasted zirconia ceramic. Methods Zirconia ceramic samples were sintered and polished. Half of polished ceramic samples were sandblasted with 50 μm alumina particles. The roughness of polished and sandblasted zirconia ceramic surface was measured by 3D-laser scanning microscope. The polished and sandblasted ceramic samples were bonded to composite cylinders with either Biscem(BC), G-Cem(GC), RelyX U100(RU), Multilink Speed(MS) or Maxcem (MC). The samples divided into two subgroups to receive respectively shear test after 0 and 10 000 time thermal cycles. The data were analyzed by one-way ANOVA test and independent sample t test. Results Air abrasion significantly increased Ra of zirconia ceramic surface(P<0.001). Thermocycling decreased significantly the bond strengths of all test groups(P<0.001), in which polished specimens bonded with MS had significantly higher bond strength than those bonded with either BC, GC, RU, or MC(P<0.001), and air abrasion significantly increased the bond strength of BC, GC, RU and MC, whereas the bond strength of MS was not significantly affected by air abrasion. Conclusion The bond durability of different self-adhesive resin cements to zirconia ceramic has significant differences, and their bond durability was not completely influenced by air abrasion of ceramic surface.

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    Study of bonding property among 3 kinds of resin-reinforced glass ionomer and zirconia ceramics
    Lin Yihua1, Song Xiaomeng2, Zhang Wei3
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  305-308.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.007
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    Objective To study the bonding efficiency of zirconia ceramics with 3 kinds of resin-reinforced glass ionomer. Methods Blocks of sintered zirconia ceramics were cut and randomly divided into 3 groups with 20 slices each. They were treated with sandblasting and bonded with 3 kinds of resin-reinforced glass ionomer respectively. After preserved in distilled-water for 24 hours and aged by thermocycling 5 000 times, the shear bond strength of these specimens was tested and data were analyzed by SPSS 11.5 system for windows. The bonding face was observed by scanning electron microscope. Results The shear bond strength of the ceramic and 3 kinds of resin-reinforced glass ionomer was (15.1±3.2), (16.1±4.0), (18.6±3.4)MPa(after preserved in distilled-water for 24 hours) respectively, and decreased greatly to (5.1±2.1), (7.5±2.9), (8.7±2.6)MPa(after thermocycling 5 000 times). There was obvious statistical difference before and after thermocycling(P<0.05). Conclusion Resin-reinforced glass ionomer can get good initial bond strength with zirconia ceramics, but the bonding durability is poor.

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    Clinical observation for the post and core crown repairing adult individual anterior teeth of buccal dislocation
    Jia Yan
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  309-311.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.008
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    Objective To evaluate the short-term and middle-term effects of post and core crown repairing anterior teeth with different buccal dislocation. Methods We selected adult individual anterior teeth with buccal dislocation as experimental group and anterior teeth without buccal dislocation as control group. The teeth of experimental group were divided into two groups, which were group Ⅰ(20°-30°) and group Ⅱ(30°-40°). All the teeth of experimental group and control group were repaired by cast post and core crown. Results The ratio of success cases for control group were nearly 90% after 2 and 5 years. Meanwhile, the ratio of success cases for group Ⅰ were 89.74% after 2 years and 77.78% after 5 years, but for group Ⅱ were just 75% after 2 years and 55.88% after 5 years. Conclusion It could achieved a good result for post and core crown when the angles of anterior teeth with buccal dislocation were less than 20° or when the anterior teeth without buccal dislocation. It is acceptable for a short-term repairing when the angle between 20° and 30°. But the effect of prosthesis were decreased dramatically when the angles greater than 30°. It is concluded that part of the buccal dislocation of anterior teeth should be improved.

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    Clinical evaluation of different types of planting overdentures with different types of attachments
    Jiang Lulu, Feng Wei, Zhang Jiao, Deng Chunfu, Zhang Chong, Shang Dehao, Wang Hua, Zhao Baohong
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  312-314.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.009
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    Objective To summarize and to evaluate the clinical effect of planting overdentures about the application of different types of attachments. Methods Twenty-eight cases of edentulous patients were chosen, who used attachments with the types of magnetic, lever cassette, telescopic crown and cap-type, and to evaluate the clinical effect of the attachments. All of the patients were followed up. X-ray and intra-oral examination were performed to observe the bone resorption of the implant and the condition of soft tissue. The satisfaction and complication of patients, who used four different types of attachment, was investigated by means of questionnaire. Results All plants were stabilization, except one patient with magnetic attachments. Statistical analysis showed that there were no significant differences in the resorption of bone, gingival index and the evaluation with different types of attachments﹙P>0.05﹚. There were significant differences in total satisfaction of the problems of retention and stability of dentures, masticatory efficiency and comfort(P<0.05﹚. Conclusion All types of attachment with support of plants are stabilization and comfort, masticatory function enhanced and the evaluation of satisfaction improved. It also elevates the edentulous patients’quality of survival.

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    Clinical application of rapid maxillary expansion implement made by press film
    Zheng Wei1, Wang Shi2
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  315-316.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.010
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    Objective To assess the characteristics and clinical effect of rapid maxillary expansion implement made by press film. Methods Thirty child patients with posterior teeth crossbite, including 12 males and 18 females were involved. The mean age was 12.7. These patients were treated with rapid maxillary expansion implement made by press film. The width of first premolar, molar and space between upper incisor were evaluated before and after treatment. T-test was assessed to compare significant difference between the two groups. Results The width of first premolar, molar and space between upper incisors were significantly larger in after treatment group, the two groups had significant difference. Conclusion In addition to good fixation and effect, clinical advantages of the rapid maxillary expansion implement made by press film include cost and time saving, reliable adhesive, easy to clean.

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    Cephalometric study on the Dongxiang adults with normal occlusion in Gansu province
    Lin Yongsheng, Zhang Xiaohui, Zhang Jinting
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  317-319.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.011
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    Objective To study the cephalometric radiograph of Dongxiang adults with normal occlusion in Gansu province. Methods Lateral cephalometric radiographs of 200 Dongxiang adults with normal occlusion were measured by Dolphin Imaging software. Then SPSS 10.0 software package, along with Tweed and Steiner analysis, was employed to do statistics analysis on the results. Results The standard value and standard deviation of the lateral cephalometric radiographs of Dongxiang adults with normal occlusion in Gansu province was obtained, with differences between different genders. Conclusion It is necessary to set up a database of normal occlusion for Dongxiang people in Gansu province, which will be helpful for the diagnosis and treatment of malocclusion among local patients.

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    Research progress on diagnosis and treatment of atypical odontalgia
    Deng Yanhan, Huang Dingming
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  320-322.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.012
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    Atypical odontalgia(AO) is a kind of orofacial pain with undefined etiology and has certain connection with endodontic therapy. The sufferers tend to have persistent discomfort and decreased life quality. However, lack of knowledge on this condition often leads to misdiagnosis and mistherapy, adding to patients’physiological, psychological and economic burdens. This review article briefly summed up recent studies on the definition, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, physiological and pathological mechanism, clinical manifestation and therapeutic approaches of AO for reference in clinical practice.

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    Study on the clinical and biological relationship between coronary heart disease and periodontitis
    Ye Xin, Yang Pishan
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  323-325.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.013
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    Coronary heart disease and periodontitis are two common chronic diseases harmful to human health. Many studies indicate that certain association exists between them, which is probably mediated by bacterium and its metabolic product, inflammatory and immune response and lipid metabolism. In this review, the clinical and biological relationship between these two diseases is summarised.

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    Research progress on periodontal microbiota modification therapy
    Hu Yongxiao, Xie Zhigang
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  326-329.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.014
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    With the development of the microecology, people gradually realized that periodontal disease is not a particular microbial infection leads to destruction, but with oral micro-ecological balance related. Therefore, how to promote beneficial bacteria inhibit pathogens, re-achieve oral microecological balance has become a hot research topic in the therapy of periodontal disease. This article reviewed periodontal microbiota modification therapy.

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    Current opinions and new perspectives on etiology and treatment of refractory periapical periodontitis
    Song Dengxian, Chen Xinmei, Zheng Liwei
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  330-333.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.015
    Abstract ( 1678 )   HTML ( 17 )   PDF(pc) (139KB) ( 1079 )   Save

    Root canal therapy(RCT) has long been accepted as an effective resolution against the endodontic disease. However cases exist which can not heal after conventional RCT. They are known as refractory periapical periodontitis. Recent years, numerous studies had been done in order to uncover the causes of refractory periapical periodontitis and to find available treatment options for it. We here reviewed current opinions on the etiology and therapy of refractory periapical periodontitis.

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    Lipoxin A4 and inflammatory diseases
    Wang Xueying, Guan Weiqun
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  334-338.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.016
    Abstract ( 1278 )   HTML ( 3 )   PDF(pc) (175KB) ( 1134 )   Save

    Lipoxin A4(LXA4) is one of the products of arachidonic acid metabolic pathway. It displays promising bioaction of anti-inflammatory, as well as pro-resolving. In this review, the author focus on the synthesis, function, and metabolism of lipoxin and the research development of LXA4 and its analogs, LXA4 and inflammatory, then to explore the possibilities of its application in oral mucosal disease research.

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    Application of life course approach on oral epidemiology
    Lu Haixia1, Lo Chinman2, Wong Chunmei2
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  339-343.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.017
    Abstract ( 1825 )   HTML ( 7 )   PDF(pc) (147KB) ( 921 )   Save

    The traditional aetiological models for adult chronic disease during the second half of twentieth century that mainly emphasized on current adult lifestyle factors, such as cigarette smoking, diet and reduction of physical activity have been challenged by growing evidence which declared that progression of chronic disease begin in early life or the disease affected by the poor birth weight, prenatal infection, poor nutrition, and social and psychosocial disadvantage in early life. This relatively new research field is called life course epidemiology. Life course epidemiology is the study of the long term effects of early-life’s adverse/protective exposures or experience on individual’s health outcome and disease risk in later life. This paper aims to introduce the overall concept and theoretical models of this new epidemiology approach and to discuss the application of life course approach on the chronic oral disease.

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    Application progress on hyaluronic acid in the field of stomatology
    Li Yunyun, Fa Yonghong
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  344-346.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.018
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    As the research went on, hyaluronic acid has been used in the field of stomatology more widely. This paper reviews the progress on research and application of hyaluronic acid in the field of stomatology which involving temporomandibular joint disorder, disease of periodontal tissue, wound healing, drug carrier and recurrent aphthous ulcer.

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    Effect of Nel-like type 1 growth factor in craniomaxillofacial bone tissue engineering
    Chen Mu1,2, Huang Hongzhang2
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  344-346.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.019
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    There are often various causes of bone defects in clinics. A new approach has been put forward in recent years to settle the problem, which is bone tissue engineering. Novel osteospecific growth factors are very important to the bone tissue engineering, because of the efforts to enhance bone regeneration. Nel-like type 1(NELL-1)growth factor, a potent growth factor associated with craniosynostosis, is highly specific to the osteochondral lineage, and has demonstrated induction of bone in multiple in various models. And unlike bone morphogenetic protein-2, NELL-1 growth factor cannot initiate ectopic bone formation in muscle. This review summarized the studies on NELL-1 growth factor that had relevance to bone tissue engineering, especially in craniomaxillofacial filed.

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    Integrins and cell anoikis
    Zhang Jianying, Fu Yun
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  352-354.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.020
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    Anoikis is defined as a special form of programmed cell death, which is induced by inadequate or inappropriate cell-matrix interactions. Integrins sense and conduct cell-matrix signals, thus controlling the survival, proliferation, adhesion and differentiation. This review is aimed to introduce the structures and functions of integrins and their physiological roles in anoikis.

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    Components and their individual effects of emdogain
    Zou Huiru, Qin Zongchang, Zhang Lancheng
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  355-358.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.021
    Abstract ( 4037 )   HTML ( 29 )   PDF(pc) (141KB) ( 2051 )   Save

    Emdogain(EMD) is a product derived from developing enamel which contains various enamel matrix proteins and derivatives. It is believed to act as a tissue -healing modulator which helps stimulate periodontal regeneration, biomineralization and bone induction. Previous studies suggested that EMD contains various proteins, such as amelogenin, enamelin, ameloblastin, which might be involved in bone induction, angiogenic formation etc. Recently, growth-factor like activity has been observed in EMD which suggested that EMD might be used as another candidate out of growth factors in tissue engineering research. This review summarized the research progress on components and their individual effects of EMD to give an overview for further development of EMD applications.

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    Research progress on micro ribonucleic acid in autoimmune diseases and oral precancerous lesions
    Liang Xueyi, Zhou Gang
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  359-363.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.022
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    Micro ribonucleic acid(miRNA) is small non-coding single-stranded RNA molecules about 21-23 nucleotides in length, which involved in various biological processes, such as cell proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis, developmental. Emerging evidence has demonstrated that miRNA played an extremely important role in the immunesystem; it is aberrantly expressed in autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis and systemiclupus erythematosus. And it is important regulatory factor of occurrence and development of autoimmune diseases. In this review, we review the many newly discovered roles of miRNA regulation in immune functions and the relationship between autoimmune diseases, oral precancerous lesions and miRNA.

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    Research progress on high mobility group N in anti-tumor activity
    Dong Xiaoqian, Feng Yun
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  364-367.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.023
    Abstract ( 1080 )   HTML ( 1 )   PDF(pc) (144KB) ( 586 )   Save

    High mobility group(HMG) protein is a non -histone protein that is widely present in eukaryotes chromatin. HMG wins its name because of its small molecular weight and rapid migration in polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. DNA damage originated from both ultra violet light and ionizing irradiation. High mobility group N (HMGN) protein is an emerging factor that is important for chromatin alterations in response to DNA damage. DNA lesions threaten the integrity of the genome and are a major factor in cancer formation and progression. The role of HMGN in anti-tumor will be discussed.

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    The histological differential of stroma cells in the tumor microenvironment
    Tan Dan1, Zhu Lili1, Zeng Xin1, Chen Qianming1, Wang Zhi2
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  368-370.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.024
    Abstract ( 1476 )   HTML ( 4 )   PDF(pc) (116KB) ( 1080 )   Save

    Tumor microenvironment establishes the basis of tumor cells’survival and metabolism, making an important role in the development and progression of tumor. One urgent job of clinical work is to differentiate the interstitial cell from the tumor cell, which is mixed with tumor cells as an important component of the microenvironment. The present article is to make a review of interstitial cell in the tumor microenvironment and their essential components.

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    Application of mesenchymal stem cell in tumor targeted therapy
    Xu Yuanming, Fan Mingwen, Yang Xuechao
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  371-374.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.025
    Abstract ( 1411 )   HTML ( 2 )   PDF(pc) (142KB) ( 1557 )   Save

    Mesenchymal stem cells(MSC) display inherent tumor-tropic properties and differentiation ability with a pro- or anti-tumorigenic effect. In this review, we overviewed the research advances of the biological characteristics of MSC, the interaction of MSC and tumor cells and the tumor targeted therapy based on modified MSC.

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    The relationship between inflammation, innate immune system and oral cancer
    Zhuang Yuan1,2, Yang Hongyu1
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  375-377.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.026
    Abstract ( 1085 )   HTML ( 1 )   PDF(pc) (114KB) ( 618 )   Save

    Inflammation is the seventh symptom of tumor. There is a definite relation among inflammation, innate immune system and the development of oral cancer. However, it’s not clear how inflammation and innate immune system influence the occurrence and development of oral cancer. Finding out the effect of inflammation and innate immune system in the development of oral cancer, has an important significance to further clarify the pathogenesis of oral cancer, and discover new effective prevention and treatment methods.

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    Research progress on normal nose morphology
    Cai Shengqing, Shi Bing
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  378-380.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.027
    Abstract ( 1040 )   HTML ( 3 )   PDF(pc) (107KB) ( 871 )   Save

    As an important part of the sequential treatment, cleft lip nasal deformity reconstruction is less than satisfactory compared with cheiloplasty. It is also one of the techniques that affect the results of the sequential treatment. So studying normal nose morphology is theoretically and actually significant for improving reconstructive method of cleft lip nasal deformity as well as preoperative and postoperative evaluations. This review summarized research progress of normal nose morphology.

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    Research progress on storage media for avulsed tooth in vitro
    Li Xin, Duan Jianmin
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  381-384.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.028
    Abstract ( 1158 )   HTML ( 7 )   PDF(pc) (138KB) ( 616 )   Save

    Tooth avulsion is one of the most serious forms of dental trauma. Immediate replantation of an avulsed tooth is the best procedure to obtain a periodontal ligament healing. However, immediate replantation rarely occurs. It’s important to store the avulsed tooth in a suitable storage media for maintenance of periodontal ligament cell viability to increase the success rate of replantation. This is a review about research progress on storage media for avulsed tooth in recent years.

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    Research progress on gingival recession adjacent to the cleft in cleft lip and palate
    Zhu Shiwen, Chen Zhenqi
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  385-388.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.029
    Abstract ( 1555 )   HTML ( 3 )   PDF(pc) (130KB) ( 406 )   Save

    The cleft lip and palate is the most common congenital malformation of face. Mucogingival alterations are inherent to clefts, and may be worsened by the comprehensive and sequential therapy, especially plastic surgeries. Gingival recession adjacent to the cleft is a common mucogingival alteration. The cleft is located in the upper front teeth area. Gingival recession on upper front teeth usually cause esthetic and even functional problems reulted from periodontal changes. Therefore, prevention and improvement of gingival recesion adjacent to the cleft is of clinical significance. This review summarizes the research progress of gingival recession adjacent to the cleft, its epidemiology and treatment.

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    Research progress on three-dimensional finite element in obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome
    Yang Suixing1, Feng Jing2, Zhang Zuo2
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  389-390.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.030
    Abstract ( 1263 )   HTML ( 4 )   PDF(pc) (87KB) ( 504 )   Save

    The morphological and biomechanical study is one of the important research of obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome(OSAHS). Recent years, the method of three-dimensional finite element based on diagnostic techniques was introduced to study OSAHS. This article reviewed the three-dimensional finite element in OSAHS.

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    Research progress on maxillary sinus membrane in maxillary sinus floor elevation
    Wang Wentao, Wang Yongyue
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  391-394.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.031
    Abstract ( 1233 )   HTML ( 9 )   PDF(pc) (135KB) ( 1224 )   Save

    Maxillary sinus floor elevation has become an essential part of implant dentistry. However, the complications related to the maxillary sinus floor elevation procedures have slowly emerged to become one of the main challenges to the clinicians. This article gives a review on the prevention and management of membrane-related complications of maxillary sinus floor elevation.

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    Research progress on fiber-reinforced composite resin-bonded fixed partial denture
    Qiu Haiyan1, Zhang Qian2
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  395-398.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.032
    Abstract ( 1412 )   HTML ( 2 )   PDF(pc) (132KB) ( 851 )   Save

    Fiber-reinforced composite resin-bonded fixed partial denture is a minimally invasive fixed restorative treatment, with great application prospect in prosthodontics. Recently, investigation of the mechanical behaviors of fiber-reinforced composite resin bonded bridges draws more and more attention from domestic and foreign scholars. This paper summarizes the factors affecting the mechanical strength of fiber-reinforced resin-bonded bridges.

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    Factors affecting the fracture resistance of post-core reconstructed teeth restored with crowns
    Huang Wenting, Zhu Zhimin
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  399-402.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.033
    Abstract ( 1108 )   HTML ( 7 )   PDF(pc) (123KB) ( 622 )   Save

    For massive tooth crown defect cases, endodontically treated teeth restored with post-core build-up and a crown is a most common method in practice. The fracture resistance of restoration is an important criterion for long-term survival rate. Factors affecting the fracture resistance include crown restoration, post-core build-up, adhesion system, remaining tooth structure, occlusion and function. This article presents a review of literatures that focus on the above fields.

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    Factors affecting primary stability of mini-implant anchorage
    Lu Yingjuan, Chang Shaohai
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  403-405.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.034
    Abstract ( 1461 )   HTML ( 3 )   PDF(pc) (103KB) ( 1085 )   Save

    Mini-implant anchorage for the orthodontic treatment is an effective method, the primary stability is critical in the achievement of reliable anchorage. Therefore, it is the purpose of this review to summarize the current literature on the primary stability of mini-implant anchorage, in order to improve overall implant success.

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    The influencing factors of masticatory muscle myosin heavy chain isoform transformation
    Duan Ying, Wang Yangmin, Zhou Li
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  406-408.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.035
    Abstract ( 1190 )   HTML ( 1 )   PDF(pc) (116KB) ( 523 )   Save

    Myosin heavy chain(MyHC) is an important structural component of muscle fiber which is crucial for muscle force generation. There are different MyHC isoforms and each isoform has its own biological and mechanical properties. Masticatory muscles are involved in many biological activities. Therefore, the MyHC isoforms would transform mutually to adapt to those complicated muscle force requirements. This review will conclude influencing factors and molecular mechanisms of masticatory muscle MyHC isoform transformation.

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    Research progress on changes in surrounding positions and pharyngeal airway after mandibular setback surgery
    Wang Hongwei, Qi Suqing
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  409-411.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.036
    Abstract ( 1292 )   HTML ( 0 )   PDF(pc) (109KB) ( 416 )   Save

    Combining orthodontics and surgery to treat skeletal Class Ⅲ malocclusion can improve the occlusion, masticatory function, and esthetics by markedly changing the position of the mandible. However, mandibular setback surgery causes changes in the position of the hyoid bone and the tongue, and the consequent narrowing of the pharyngeal airway space. It’s a topic that worth to study, and the long-term changes and imaging evaluation are introduced as well.

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    Research progress on enamel demineralization during orthodontics
    Li Hui1, Luo Xiaobo1, Wang Yijuan1, Jing Huan1, Chen Song2
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  412-415.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.037
    Abstract ( 1432 )   HTML ( 5 )   PDF(pc) (135KB) ( 781 )   Save

    With the increasing number of orthodontic patients, the rate of enamel demineralization is getting higher and higher. Although orthodontic treatment does not lead to the direct cause of enamel demineralization, but it has an indirect impact on oral ecological environment. For example, the use of orthodontic appliances, increasing number of orthodontic attachments and orthodontic treatment can lead to more numbers of oral microorganisms, hinder patients clean of food residue. Therefore, the enamel demineralization rate and demineralization teeth bit investigation, enamel demineralizing factors and correlation analysis, prevention measures and oral health research progress are reviewed here.

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    Research progress on the bone-anchored maxillary protraction
    Li Jianhua, Feng Xiaoxia, Yang Pu
    Inter J Stomatol. 2013, 40 (3):  416-418.  DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2013.03.038
    Abstract ( 1320 )   HTML ( 10 )   PDF(pc) (106KB) ( 687 )   Save

    Recently, as a new kind of anchorage, skeletal anchorage has opened a new world for treating skeletal class Ⅲ malocclusion with maxillary protraction therapy. Its application in early orthopedic treatment has become a hot topic as well. This article will mainly review on the treatment devices, treatment effects and application prospects.

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